The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

La Harpe During The Holidays

by: Ryan Kienast, The Quill

La Harpe is a nice, quiet small little town. Let’s change that for one night.

Let’s get rowdy and full of the Christmas cheer on Tuesday, December 4th for La Harpe’s Country Christmas.

Let’s bring out the gloves and hats and go "uptown” for a fun-filled night with lots of laughter and entertainment.

Check out all the businesses and meet your friendly merchants on all ends of town.

See all the pretty lights on the carriage ride, the barrel rides for the kids, the lighted parade and, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

Join us in the parade and if you would like a Memorial Ball or a Bulb for Mikhaila, give me a call at 319-759-1986 or stop by "The Quill" office.

If you love your La Harpe, and you want to see her come alive, you can make a difference by coming and taking part. Tis the season to be "thankful" about our town.