The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Board Hears Storage Units Planned for Carman, and more

By Sally Day-The Quill

Oquawka- Project Coordinator, Tom Doran, was on hand at the November 2012 meeting of the Henderson County Board meeting to discuss a new business venture for the Carman area. Tom’s brother, Bob and wife, Virginia have purchased a 10 acre plus tract of land, south of the Carman Cemetery on the west side of the road.

The land, to be developed into structures housing storage units, offices, and possibly a convenient store will be constructed by Doran Construction, headed by Chris Doran, Tom’s son. Many other options will be offered, as well. Zoning Officer Coral Seitz told board members that the Zoning Board had already approved a Zoning Variance, wherein this land would be re-zoned from Agricultural to B3, Business District. At the earlier Zoning Board meeting, some living nearby the proposed structures, asked how it would effect their zoning. They were told it would not. They also asked about how they would protect the water system if a gas station was placed there. The engineers, Bruner, Cooper, and Zuck noted that these things were protected by Federal law. It was further noted that there was a single hold out for selling their property. The property is owned by Zack Murphy. No one resides at this property, but there are a lot of older items amassed at this location, including a new house-like structure which was placed at this location shortly after the project began.

The county board also agreed to re-zoning the land to the Business District status.

In other business, the board: