The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Voters Say "No" To The Proposed Carthage School

Hancock County

Election Results

Total Registered Voters 12,529

Ballots Cast........8.382

Voter Turnout.........66.90%

President & Vice President of the United States

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (Rep) 4,810

Barack Obama/Joe Biden (Dem) 3,246

Gary Johnson/James P. Gray (Lib) 119

Jill Stein/Howie Hawkins (Green) 54


Representative In Congress

18th Congressional District

Vote For 1

Aaron Schock (Rep) 5,515

Steve Waterworth (Dem) 2,408

State Senator

47th Legislative District

Vote For 1

John M. Sullivan (Dem) 4,864

Randy E. Frese (Rep) 3,347


In The General Assembly

94th Representative District

Vote For 1

Jil Tracy (Rep) 6,705

No Candidate File (Dem)

Circuit Clerk

(Vote for 1)

John A. Neally 6,946

No Candidate Filed (Dem)

State Attorney

(Vote for 1)

Jim Drozdz 6,529

No Candidate Filed (Dem)

County Sheriff

(Vote for 1)

Scott Bentizinger 6,864


(Vote for 1)

Kendall Beals 6,723

No Candidate File (Dem)

County Board Member

(District 1)

Vote for not more than three

Jerry L. Smith, Sr 1013

Harold Stuckwisch 832

Emmett Postle 756

County Board Member

(District 4)

Vote for not more than three

Dan Asbury 1023

W. Cary Gray 1015

Steven A. Bolton 1002

Country Board Member

(District 5)

Vote for not more than three

Marc John Huston 1055

Stephen M. Finney 1018

David N. Walker 994

Hancock County Referendum to Establish an Emergency Ambulance Service Tax rate at a Rate Not to Exceed 25%

No 2,937

Yes 2,516

Illini West HSD 307

Proposition to Issue $9,000,000 School Building Bonds

No 1,953

Yes 1,264


Shall the City of Carthage have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?

Yes 558

No 364

Rocky Run Township Proposition to Establish .65% General Corporate Fund Rate

Yes 42

No 37