The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Keeping La Harpe Alive: Part 4

By: Ryan Kienast, The Quill

It has come to my knowledge that I have forgotten several key people here in town in my articles the last few weeks.

Did you know we have a used car salesman in town? Danny Gillett is the owner of North Side Auto Sales.

We also have a pest control lady in town known as the Pesty Lady. We have two good heating and cooling businesses, Plumbing Etc. owned by Mike James and Town & Country owned by Rex Huston.

We have our own railroad yard called Pioneer Railroad Service. We have a laundry mat and a car wash; La Harpe Coin Wash. If anyone wants to own their own business, it's for sale. We also have an automated car wash, the Sunshine Carwash.

For your remodeling needs, there is John Link Construction and when your patio cracks and needs repaired you can call Mark Stokke for concrete work.

Also when you need a haircut call Christy's Cuts.

Two great services provided by the churches in town is the Food Pantry located in the Christian Church and the Agape Outreach Center in Dr. Mueller's old office on Main street. The outreach center has clothing for all sizes and needs.

I also left out the Terre Haute Methodist Church and the Durham Methodist church, both great places for worship.

We have five apartment complexes that rent here in town. The Campbell building on Main street, the West Side Apartments, Dobson apartments, Maple Leaf Court, and the Hancock Housing Authority.

We also have good ole Larry Housewright building some new apartments as we speak or write. We need to give Larry thanks for adding new places to live, to store items and have businesses in. Larry definitly loves La Harpe and has it's best interests at heart.

Don't forget to go to Country Companies for your life insurance, Hometown Insurance for your next fender bender and not only insurance at Jones Insurance, but you can get your FOID card there too.

If you need your next big dinner or meeting catered, don't forget to call R & D Foods Catering. When your lawnmower has mowed its last yard or you need a trailer to haul your goods, K & C Enterprises has them too.

I would love to see some more businesses come back to town. Heaven knows we have enough empty buildings to house them in.

One great thing about our little town, is that if someone is hurt or down and out, this town pulls together and does its best to help them out, whether it be financially or spiritually.

Lets get together this year and celebrate these holidays with a smile! Decorate your house with lights, spend time with your families, shop La Harpe and come enjoy our Country Christmas on Tuesday December 4th from 5-8 p.m.

Come out and enjoy our lighted Christmas Parade at 6 p.m.