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Illini West Graduation

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

On a sunny Sunday, May 20, 2012, ninety-three (93) students walked across the stage at Illini West High School in Carthage to receive their high school diplomas.

Illini West Principal Brad Gooding told graduates that "Illini West is your home, and you are always welcome at home, anytime. After today, you are a little fish in the big pond of life.

"Keep these 3 things in mind to guide you from this day. #1 Commitment- be committed to whatever you decide to do.

#2 Responsibility- You are your own person. It is up to you now to get the job done. And lastly, Honor- Never let there be a question about your character. Have character, don't be a character."

Sam Newberry and Kirby Fecht addressed the Class of 2012. Fecht quoted Winston Churchill saying, "There are 3 kinds of people in this world. Those who make things happen, those who let things happen and those who don't know anything happened." He asked his classmates, "Who do you want to be?"

Taylor Dittmer, daughter of Josh and Valeri Dittmer received the DAR/SAR Citizenship Award presented by Mary Ann Kane.

American Legion Good Citizenship awards were given to Kayden Guymon, son of Kent and Teresa Guymon and Mary Carroll daughter of Carrie Carroll and Dan Carroll.

Graduation honors include:

Cum Laude (GPA 3.6-3.749)- Rachel Bavery, Emily Bolton, Alex Gold, Brittany Jones, Jace Kost, Lindsay Rupert.

Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.750-3.890) Jacob Adams, Taylor Dittmer, McKinnsey Erlenbush, Halie Goetz, Kody Horn, Kyle Miller

Summa Cum Laude ( GPA 3.900-4.000) Mary Carroll, Taylor Duffy, Kirby Fecht, Kayden Guymon, Sam Newberry, Megan Schaller

Those students in the National Honor Society are Rachel Bavery, Emily Bolton, Mary Carroll, Kirby Fecht, Halie Goetz, Kayden Guymon, Christian Holtsclaw, Samantha Leon, Kyle Miller, Sam Newberry, Lindsay Rupert.

2011-12 Class Officers are:

President: Halie Goetz

Vice-President: Rachel Bavery

Secretary: Mary Carroll

Treasurer: Megan Schaller

IW 2011-12 Graduates

Jacob Timothy Adams

Kirby Dean Fecht*

Johnathan Wayne Martin Jr.

Kelli Jean Adkisson

Emily Ann Fink

Evan Scott McGaughey

Tanner Wendell Anderson

Jordan Waide Finley

Alec David Miller

Brett Justin Appel

Sawyer James Flynn

Kyle Andrew Miller*

John Elbe Bastert

Hayden Edward Fox

Courtney Joy Morarend

Rachel Lynn Bavery*

Joseph Keith Frakes

Kane C Murfin

Kelsie Jo Bawden

Halie Rose Goetz*

Dallas Wayne Neff

Connor Seth Beals

Alex Carlton Gold

Samuel Wayne Newberry*

Austen Lane Becerra

Courtney Jo Graves

Jeremy Scott Nicol

Shani Alexis Belshaw

Lauren Michael Gronewold

Beau Alekzander Passmore

Emily Ann Bolton*

Kayden Kent Guymon*

Kailea Jean Peterson

Jennifer Lynn Bowman

Christian Mark Holtsclaw*

Danielle Marie Rhodes

Robert Tyler Brown

Kody Robert Horn

Carly Danielle Roberts

Susannah Blossom Brown

Haley Dawn Horton

Lindsay Noel Rupert*

Tyler Dean Bruns

Riccy Sue Hostetler

Arica Rose Schaefer

Kyle Patrick Burling

Jeremy Allen Imthurn

Megan Lynn Schaller

Cassidy Michaela Burt

Matthew Dawson Irish

Samantha Kay Scott

Mary Louise Carroll*

Katelyn Jo Jacoby

Austin Thomas Smith

Cole Robert Carson

Skyler Leigh Johnson

Kody Allen Smith

Samuel Taylor Clanton

Andrew Allen Jones

Alexander Odell Stone

Grant Hamilton Clark

Brittany Marie Jones

Christopher James Stromquist

Ashley Nicole Cox

Dominic Layton Jones

Alyson Marie Taus

Jared Nathaniel Crim

Alana Rochelle Kelly

Austin Rhett Thompson

Benjamin Joseph Cunningham

Ashley Dawn Kerfoot

Andrea Jolene Trout

Austin Craig Curfman

Spencer Sebastian

John Kirkenslager

Lucas Alan Clyde Turner

Kayla Renee Dickson

Jace Timothy Kost

Kierstien Athena Wales

Taylor Marie Dittmer

Cole Edward Lee

Coulton Donald Wayne Wascher

Nicklaus John Driskell

Samantha Nicole Leon*

Kevin Michael Winters

Taylor Renee Duffy

Sonny C Little

Ashley Michelle Wiseman

Jacy Ray Ellefritz

John Edward Malloy

Shane Delano Wood

McKinnsey Jo Erlenbush Aaron Patrick Mann Tyler Joseph Worley

American Legion Good Citizenship Award winners from left: Mary Carroll,and Kayden Guymon.

Kirby Fetch addressing the Illini West Graduating Class of 2012.

Mary Ann Kane awards the DAR Good Citizenship award to Taylor Dittmer.

Ashley Cox receives her diploma from IW School Board President Tracey Anders