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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Farm'n, Mothers, Days of Old Burn Remedy, Young Folk Humor"

Greeting to everyone in Western Illinois.

I am hope'n all the farmers has most, if not all, their anticipated crops planted by now, most of the first cuttin hay put up, and are well along in spraying their crops.

For those who choose to side dress some additional nitrogen to spike their yields for their corn, i see youm's are maken progress as well. The weekend rains mostly missed us. Seems the moisture went east by southeast of Western Illinois. Some crops could use a drink right now.

I am told various areas, way up north, has needed to replant as much as 30% of their early platted corn. That would be a sad and economically painful event. Fortunately there does not seem to be much around these parts need'n replantin'. Word is one seed company with poor cold germination was affected more often than other comparable seed companies. Luck of the draw, I'm a guess'n on variety selection within a particular company.

Two weeks ago this column had some references to Mother's Day. Luella Fudpucker, Elmer's wife,to my east, shared some additional information with us neighborhood folk I'd like to share with youn's as well, because of the importance of Mother's to everyone!

What is a mother?

What is a mother? She knows her children better than anyone. She has carried them in her arms and in her heart. She is the woman who bore them, who loves them, who teaches them, who inspires them, and who sometimes disciplines them. She rocks the baby. She reads the stories. She bears the prayers. She sets the standards. She teaches of God, of scriptures, of prophets, and of commandments.

She is a mother.

She is the best friend God has given children. She forgives. She trusts. She encourages. She is the woman who dries the tears, who makes the cakes, who plays the games, who sings the songs.

She is a mother.

She is a source of safety, hope, and comfort. She is wisdom, common sense, and patience. Her smile lights the way. She is faith, perserverance, and courage. She is a refuge. She is love, duty, and devotion. She is a healer, a nurse, and a doctor. She is a cook, a chaffeur, and a counselor. She fashions genius and awakens intellect. Her heart is her childrens schoolroom. She shares their victories and softens their losses. She is faith, perseverance and courage.

She is a mother.

She is no stranger to grief. Her children are not perfect. No one knows it better than she. Their errors give a double blow. One to themselves and one to her. She bears. She nurses. She rears. She teaches. She protects, then lets them go. Her love is that strong. For her teenagers, her lamp is always lit. Her love defends them from temptation. She is there when she is needed. Always.

She is a mother.

SHe is the loom upon which they weave their character. She teaches the lessons of the past. She beckons them toward new horizons. Because she dreams, they dream. She is a civilizer, a builder of homes, a keeper of communities and a shaper of nations. She is not a woman of riches, but she is a woman of great wealth. Her children are her jewels. She delights in their triumphs and in their character.

She is a mother.

She is a partner with her husband and with God.

Golly Gee, those are some wonderful thoughts, in my opinion, of mothers regardless of whether its Mothers Day weekend or any other time of the year. Mothers has themselves a huge responsibilty. From one mother to another heres some information which might be useful for rural mom's that might come in handy someday. Dads may use this info as well.In pertains to the heal'n miracle for burns derived from the white of chicken eggs. Grandma knew of egg whites importance and they were plentiful on the farm in years of old. The first aid remedy, short of more sophisticated alternatives whilst far from medical professionals, consists of first sprayin' cold water on the affected area until the heat reduced. This helps stop the continued burning of all layers of skin. Next, spread egg whites, seperated from the yolks, onto the affected area. If given the oppurtunity beforehand, beat the egg whites slightly. The whites form a protective layer.

Egg white is a natural collagen ( a protein gelantious substance found in connective tissue, bone, and cartilage). Egg white is a placenta full of vitamins.

One neighbor lady burned a large part of her hand years ago when boil'n water. SHe poured cold water on her hand whilst her husband seperated egg white. She then followed by dipp'n her hand in the slightly beat egg white solution. The whites dried and formed a protective layer.

She continued at least one hour to apply layer upon layer of beaten egg whites. By afternoon she hardly felt pain and the next day there was hardly a trace of the burn. Ten days later no trace was left at all and her skin had regained its normal color. The burned area totally regenerated.

But of course, given the oppurtunity, get you hide to a doctors offic or hospital as soon as possible after a burn accudent. When this is impossible, such as whilst on a a camp'n trip or on a wilderness hike, try the egg white. Home remedies from days of old works just as well now as they did in Grandmad and Grandpa's days.

Children can sure be fun and grandchildren even more so. Whilst driven one warm summer even'n a woman in a convertible in the car ahead stood up and waved. She was stark naked! A five year old closely follow'n in the car shouted' mom that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!

A young pre-school lad got lost at the YMCA and found himself in the womens locker room. When he was spotted, the room burst into shrieks, with ladies grabbi'n towels and runn'n for cover. The little boy watched in amazement and then asked, "whats the matter, havent ya ever seen a little boy before?"

A little girl had just finished her first week of school. I'm just wasten my time she sadly told her mother. " I can't read, I can't write and they wont let me talk!

I'm hopen these children experiences has brightened your day. They shore did their grandma and grandpa! If'n you werent tickled just a bit, go back to bed and forget it before ya spoils someone's day!! Ya probably needs more rest and attitude adjusment. Hope to see youn's in church come Sunday morn'n. Wear a smile and keep the cheer for your health's sake and the welfare of your spouse,children, and neighbors.

Have a good memorial day weekend and remember why we are have'n it. Be careful and safe. Remember in your prayers those involved on the river accident last weekend. Try not to be judgmental and condemn'n. Cut eveyone some slack, just as ya yould like if'n you were in their shoes.

Keep on Smilen.

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke