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Council Thanks Retiring City Attorney, Dick Rasmussen

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council presented City Attorney Dick Rasmussen with a gold watch for his commitment and service to the city of La Harpe City during its Monday night meeting, May 14.

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. and drew a full house at the upstairs City Hall meeting room. All council members were present.

Dan Gillett went to the Hancock County Community Development meeting on May 8th and reported that the committee would like to get people to want to stay or to come back to Hancock County to start a new business or to finish their careers. Speaker Jim Boyd with the Illinois Small Business Development Center from Macomb is available to help people start their new business or buy an existing business.

Gary Housewright made a proposal to lower the rent he would pay on his Housewright Construction building from $2000 a year to $600. City Attorney Kurt Dittmer will work with Housewright on the negotiations of the new contract.

La Harpe resident Alta Hutchison brought her concerns to the council about both ends of the handicap accessible sidewalk on Main Street being blocked. She made a note of the inaccessibility for people in wheel chairs and with walkers to get into the Country Cafˇ restaurant and other businesses on the South side of the road. She asked for a possible temporary ramp until the buildings are fixed and the sidewalks are reopened.

Council will look into the possibility of the temporary ramp.

Tina Lionberger, La Harpe resident, asked the council if the street repairs for the entrance to G Street is on the agenda for anytime soon. She was told the entrances are fixed with Motor Fuel Tax funds and can be put on the agenda. Since it poses a possible safety hazard, it could possibly be moved up on the list.

Lionberger also thanked the city for their part in helping with the planting of the tree at the library.

Concerns were brought to the attention of council members by Ryan Kienast, owner of the property at 610 East Archer Avenue. With the addition of several more children to the neighborhood, Kienast asked for a guardrail to be put up at the corner of Archer and 6th street where the storm drainage pool area is for the safety of the children and anyone walking along or driving their vehicle around this intersection in the winter. Kienast said, he was concerned because of the loose gravel in the intersection, the water and rocks in the drainage area. Council members will check more into this matter.

A resolution was passed to become a member of the Statewide Flood Plain program. This will allow residents in La Harpe to be able to buy flood insurance.

There was a motion made to donate $425 to the La Harpe Classic Car Show Reunion.

The meeting was adjourned.