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County Zoning Board variance turned down

By Sally Day - The Quill

Bob and Linda Wallace would like to move to Henderson County. They own property at Lake Stevenson and would like to build a garage at that locale, which is in the Flood Plain. Henderson County Zoning Officer explained, during the May 8, 2012 meeting of the County Board, the Zoning Board voted not to accept the variance for the garage. The Wallaces have a camper on their Lake Stevenson property currently. Their plans are to place a modular home there, which is 16'X80'. The garage they had planned to build is 30'X50', however the Flood Plain regulations state they cannot build a garage, without a residence there. The Wallaces would have to build their home at least 16'7" in the air if they elevated it.

The Wallaces are waiting to see if the levee will be certified. That process may take up to two years.

The Appeals Board did not want to set a precedence in this case. The Flood Plain ordinances are adopted from the State.

"The whole county could lose flood insurance if the county is not following the rules," Zoning Officer Seitz explained. The county could be highly scrutinized by the state if this appeal was granted. "If they build a residence, they can build a garage," said Seitz.

If this garage would be built, there would be no plumbing in it, it would be anchored, and it would be used for the Wallace's personal storage.

The issue was tabled.

The Village of Gladstone wants out of the zoning business; they can't find a zoning officer. They are proposing that the Henderson County Zoning Officer, Coral Seitz take over those duties. After some discussion pertaining to this, no action was taken.

Henderson County Board member, Barbara Lumbeck raised the question of why Henderson County Sheriff's Department answers calls in communities where the villages have their own police contract. Sheriff Steve Haynes responded that people in all the county pay taxes and deserve coverage. He added that the police act in a mutual aid manner; when a call is placed the closest person answers the call and covers for that department until another officer arrives.

In other matters, the board: