The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Meet Your Neighbor

by Christy Kienast-The Quill

Meet your neighbor Amanda Lewis of La Harpe.

Amanda was born on July 6, 1982 in Macomb and graduated in the class of 2000 from Macomb High School.

She is the daughter of Sandy and John Latko of Macomb. Sandy has worked for M&M Vending for 19 years. John works at Project Insight as a teacher and has been there for 14 years.

Amanda is a busy lady. She works at Western Electronics in Macomb and has been there for 8 1/2 years and she also has worked at Two Doors Down in Blandinsville for the last 6 months.

She says she has married her best friend, Shane Lewis on January 7th, 2011 after dating for 7 years.

Shane was born on July 8, 1982 in Macomb, the son of Marilyn and Tim Lewis.

Shane also graduated from La Harpe High School in the class of 2000.

He is currently employed at L.C.I. Concrete. Before that he worked at Clover Tire for several years.

Amanda and Shane have two children: daughter Trinity Burton is 10 and attends La Harpe Elementary in the 5th grade, and son Braden Lewis is 7 years old and attends Bushnell Elementary and is in the 2nd grade.

Amanda's mother-in-law Marilyn Lewis of La Harpe works at Borghi's in Burlington, IA. Her father-in-law, Tim drives a semi and his wife, Connie, works for the West Prairie School District.

Growing up, Amanda and Shane were both the only child. In later years, Shane's father Tim adopted two children. When Amanda joined the family she gained a brother-in-law, Chris and his wife Emma, a sister-in-law Katie, and a nephew, Blaze, age 3.

Amanda and Shane have lost several wonderful grandparents in the last year and a half. The family says, "May you rest in peace, Grandma Rose, Grandma Betty and Grandma ET and they live on in all of us."

Amanda is involved with the V.F.W.. Daughter Trinity is active in Girl Scouts, summer ball and dance lessons, keeping Amanda very busy.

One of her favorite vacation memories is when she and Shane went on their honeymoon/1 year anniversary trip to Florida and then a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. Trinity and Amanda have also traveled to Disneyland in California and the Grand Canyon over the last couple of years.

Amanda enjoys watching Shane race his open-wheeled modified race car in Macomb, Canton or Quincy.

Shane has been racing for 10 years. Amanda and her family also have two dogs, "Kane" a German Shepherd, and "Tank", an English Bulldog.

Amanda and Shane are very grateful for their parents and everything they have done for them. "We wouldn't be the people we are today, without you!"