The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Publishes Junk Ordinance

The Village of Raritan trustees approved the publishing of the Village Ordinance on Accumulation of Junk and Unlicensed Vehicles in the local Quill newspaper.

The trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House March 8, 2012 with trustees Powless, Williamson, Magee, Knapp, Blender and Anders answering roll call.

A discussion was held about Jeremy Walter's property. At court the judge ordered that the yellow truck and pile of junk needed to be cleaned up within 2 weeks. This has not been done.

A motion was made and approved to enforce the village ordinance to the full extent of the law and the clerk was instructed to contact the village attorney about the above decision.

The board also approved to have the village attorney send a letter to Jean Ann Livermore and Robert McGriff to clean up their property.

Trustee Gary Powless began the meeting with prayer and the minutes and bills were presented and approved. Bills were as follows:

Bowlyou Tax $40.00;

PDC $29.00;

Ameren IP $1,383.62;

Phil Anders $84.00;

Carlyn Anders $109.54;

Dennis Rankin $209.40.

Dallas Rural Water $590.91

Waste Management $914.60

The meeting was adjourned until the next regular meeting April 12th.