The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor:

Tuesday, March 20th is a very important date. This is our Primary Election date where every voter has the opportunity to vote for the best candidates to be in the November General Election.

I remember when a representative from Henderson County came to my parent's home a few days after my 18th birthday to have me become a registered voter.

I was a senior in high school and this was an important milestone which my family took very seriously. To this day, I have not missed voting.

I have voted early and by absentee during my college days or when I had to be out of town on Election Day. I want to encourage every registered voter to exercise your right to vote especially because Hancock County is having a special election to complete the term of our recently retired Hancock County Sheriff. There are 3 Republican Candidates listed on the Primary Ballot for Sheriff. All 3 candidates have law enforcement background. There is one candidate that stands out to me because of his experience, honesty and integrity. Michael Norris is that candidate. His experience consists of 26 years in several law enforcement capacities.

He began his career as a McDonough County Police reserve officer in 1985, before leaving at the rank of sergeant to pursue a part-time position with the city of Colchester in 1987.

He became a full time officer in Colchester in 1992, graduating from the Police Academy in Champaign, IL. in 1993.

While serving the residents of Colchester, he was appointed Police Chief in 1994 and continued in this capacity until 1998.

He then took an opportunity to further his career as a deputy sheriff in Brown County, IL.

In 1999 he was appointed to State Police Investigations as a West Central Illinois Task Force Inspector. He spent 8 years doing narcotics investigations at both the State and Federal level. In 2007 he was given the opportunity by Sheriff John Jefferson to serve the residents of Hancock County as a deputy sheriff.

Mike is currently a night shift Hancock County Deputy and a resident of LaHarpe. I met Mike 4 years ago when he became a friend and mentor to my son, as he chose a law enforcement career.

I have witnessed his honesty and integrity in both his work and personal life.

Mike has the best interests of all Hancock County Residents in mind. I strongly encourage you to ask for a Republican Primary ballot on March 20th and VOTE MICHAEL NORRIS for Hancock County Sheriff.

Jeanette M. Ford

La Harpe

Dear Editor:

We recently found that another neighborhood cat has been missing for about a month and a half. Also, this past week, a cat was found with a pellet gun wound.

About ten years ago, our cat came home with a broken leg, possibly from a trap. We had to have the leg amputated.

Who is doing this to our pets? We are pet lovers!

We have 4 cats and also feed the stray cats.

A cat does not have much defense against a stupid human. Hopefully, you will be caught and punished.

Stop the senseless killing!

Karen Henry