The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Biggsville Village Board

The Village Board met in special session January 19, 2012 with Bill Ewing, Village President presiding and with the following present: Trustees -Travis Pence, Brian Sterett, Jenny Hopkins, Renee Sprock and Scott Rhinehart, and Brian Cochran was absent; Clerk - Cindy Rhinehart; Treasurer - Marilyn Simmons and Visitors - Andrew Youngquist, Kevin Mortimer, Richard Johnson and Glenn Smith.

Bill Ewing, Village President opened the meeting by leading the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:02 p.m.

Clerk, Cindy Rhinehart, took roll call.

Minutes from the December 7, 2011 regular meeting were circulated by Cindy Rhinehart, Clerk and the minutes were approved as presented by Travis Pence and seconded by Jenny Hopkins. Roll was called and all present voted to accept minutes as presented.

Treasurer's Report was presented. Brian Sterett moved that Treasurers' Report be approved as presented and seconded by Travis Pence. Roll was called and all present voted in favor to accept report as read.

Bills were circulated by Cindy Rhinehart, Clerk. Brian Sterett moved the bills be paid as read and seconded by Travis Pence that orders be drawn on the Treasurer for the same. Roll was called and all present voted in favor of paying the bills as read.

Marilyn Simmons, Cindy Rhinehart, Bill Ewing, Kevin Mortimer, Shane Olson, Farm King of Monm, Gibb's Conv Store, Ameren Illinois, IL Dept Of Rev, Craig's/Cameron Inc, Brozene Hydr Service, Fisher Food Center, Waste Management, Moriah Woods, Ameren Illinois, Test, Inc., Carus, Susie Goff, Ameren Illinois, Test, Inc., Zimmer & Fracescon, Inc, Bigger Electric


Public Relations

Sewer & Lagoon


Old Business

New Business

The January meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

Cindy Rhinehart,

Village Clerk