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In Memory of My Lifelong Best Friend, Ron Foresman

How does one honor a friend who has been a part of your life for 61 years?

Quite frankly it's hard to believe 61 years has passed by since our 1st Grade year at Cox School. There were 10 kids in the whole school and Ron and I made up 1st Grade.

Friendship began immediately simply because there was no one else our age.

We played together every recess and noon hour and that took place for 7 years at country school.

In the summer when school wasn't in session we would meet each other at the half mile fence line and go either to Ron's home or mine and play, usually in the barns or barnyards. As we got older and acquired bicycles we use to ride everywhere, including around the section, into Raritan, or to our neighbor's creek. There is no end to the fun times we had as kids growing up on the farm.

When high school began we rode the bus together as underclassmen and shared rides with each other as upperclassmen.

We played football, basketball, and ran track together, and to this day I thought he was one of the best high school linemen I have ever seen. When we graduated from high school and went our separate ways we always found time to get together and share old war stories.

As we both married and took on lifetime occupations as well as our family responsibilities our times to visit grew less and less, but yet every so often it would happen and our conversation was like we'd never been apart.

When the Forseman Clan decided to have their reunion at the Stronghurst Fair Grounds, it opened the gate to an opportunity to see one another at least once a year.

I visited Ron last summer for about 10 minutes not realizing this would be our last conversation. We shook hands goodbye and once again I was impressed with the fact that he spent an awful lot of time milking cows because he popped every knuckle in my hand.

I can't begin to express how thankful I am for my best friend. We all need them and I feel blessed for the years we shared together.

I pray God's blessing on the fond memories you as family members and friends have and I pray that Ron's spirit has found rest and peace in God's heavenly kingdom.

Goodbye, Old Friend. God willing we will meet again in eternity.

- John Wetterling,