The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Going to the Goat Show

by Virginia Ross, Special for The Quill

While most people were zooming around Stronghurst taking in all the town wide yard sales, the Nigerian goat people had taken over the Henderson County Fairgrounds for a goat show. What is a goat show?

I ventured down to see. Why it is just like showing beef or hogs at the Henderson County Fair but maybe more fun as the goats really are chatty animals. A choir of songs in various pitches resounded from one end of the building to the other. Handlers were grooming on show stanchions, washing animals and doing what competition demands.

In the ring were six Nigerian milking goats being appraised by three judges looking at physical structure and dairy qualities. No, the three judges did not agree on who should be placed first and all three judges had felt, prodded, and viewed all six goats. Someone would go home with the ribbons after tabulations were made.

Goats come in a variety of colors-black, white, black and white mixed, brown, Dalmatian spotted plus various combinations. All were slicked up and on their best behavior. Watching the handlers, I could see they really like their animals and did their best to show their best qualities.

At the Fort, the Happy Rock 4-H Club had eats for those who were hungry.

Horse and Hound, a local business on the corner of Main and Nichols Streets, were the sponsors and are to be commended for bringing such an event to town. Next time you walk by their store, stop in and get acquainted. Thank them for being a town booster and oh, be sure to look in the window on the south side as occasionally it will be filled with fluffy little chicks.

Come on, Stronghurst, let's back this event, welcome the participants and attend the show.