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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Water'n Fruit Trees, Spray'n Conifers, British Snootiness, Gun Control"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n this column finds ya in good spirits and ready to spread good cheer for the balance of this week and beyond.

Water'n Fruit Trees

My fruit trees is a shuck'n off some of their fruit. I'm sure the wind had something to do with it, especially for the plums, apricots, and peaches. The apples seem to be hold'n their own.

Even though we had us a spot of rain recently, the ground is still dry after ya gets away from the topsoil. As fer meself, I've started water'n my trees just to assure a good fruit crop fer this season.

Them trees escaped most of the damage from that last late frost. The least I can do now is help them along to assure good plump fruit come harvest, by given them a drink now and again dur'n this dry spell.

Spray'n Conifers

Late May and early June is a good time to spray your spruce and pine trees to protect against that fungus that is a kill'n so many of them. Catch em whilst they are a put'n on the new growth.

Everything is a bit early this season include'n the new growth on the conifer trees.

So, watch em carefully and if'n they is show'n signs of turn'n brown, ya has got yourself the begin'ns of a problem.

If'n it is that fungus, the spray can be bought at any farm store that handles garden supplies.

The spray ya needs has got the copper in the name. Get right on it if'n ya expects to save em.

Is any of you folk get'n farm magazines what ya hasn't ordered? Me and the neighborhood boys sure is. Ever so often they include a reminder your subscription is run'n out and ya needs ta fill out personal information on your form and send em some money.

What they really wants is your personal information on your farm so's they can sell it to other pesky folk such as salesmen etc.

They also wants to brag to their advertisers that they has the certain audience the advertiser wants to reach through that magazine.

Non the less, don't fill out your personal profile and don't send them any money and they still sends ya the magazine.

I'm a guess'n it would be hard to sell to more expensive advertisers or to anyone else if'n ya didn't send out a goodly supply of magazines.

British Snootiness

One of them type farm magazines quoted The Prince Charles of Wales as warning that today's high input farming in many areas is "pushing nature life support systems so far, they are struggling to cope with what we ask of them".

He proposes food production dependent on chemical pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, commercial fertilizers, growth promoters, and transgenics is not a " genuinely sustainable form of agriculture for the long term".

That's an enterest'n comment from a higher uppity-up who has never and probably will never experience a hungry day in his life.

He needs to go back to his high falute'n social life and not espouse ideas which surely will cause folk to go hungry one day.

As I recall it, his bloodline on the throne was swear'n the world was flat long after Spain sent Columbus on a trip round the world.

Our nation threw off that bone headed throne, he hopes one day to sit on, in the U.S revolutionary wave. We threw his tea in the harbor to show our disdain for his selfish and narrow minded ideas on try'n to rule us from the other side of the ocean.

They burned our capital in 1812 but Jackson still showed them British we wasn't in agreement with their way of think'n.

Come July 4 we will once again celebrate our independence from the British and their high handed narrow minded ways of think'n.

We saved their hides in WWI and once again in WWII. We did it on yanky ingenuity.

So, my advice to Prince Charles of Wales is to let the greatest food produce'n nation the world has ever had ( the USA) do what it does best

As fer taken your kinky advice seriously, its not a good idea if'n ya got any compassion what so ever for people of the world not to go hungry.

Gun Control

A feller sent an email Youtube on Britain want'n to break USA's constitution and take their guns away thru a United Nations effort orchestrated and funded by the likes of George Soros.

It seems after all these years, Britain is still unsatisfied with our constitution or at least that part of it that protects our gun rights.

Those Brits, along with dictators in other countries, just don't like the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to give us. They just don't get it.

The information relative to gun control that the feller sent one of the neighborhood boys can be found as follows:

I reckon ya can look it up fer yourself and see what ya thinks first hand. As fer meself, I'm not into that youtube stuff. It seems much of it is trash and some of it is unbelievable.

An exception was made in this case because it involves our precious freedoms and we just came off of Memorial Day (Decoration Day) in which we honored and remembered the freedoms we enjoy today.

It doesn't seem reasonable that we would just give them freedoms up without resistance.

It would be a dishonor to those who fought and tried so hard to give us what Prince Charles and his ilk would now like to steal from us.

As fer me and the neighborhood boys, we is gonna have ta think on this fer a mighty long spell. I reckon it will stimulate several lively conversations.

Look that youtube info up fer yourself and see what ya thinks on the matter.

Have a good rest of the week a come'n up and keep on smile'n. Treat yourself to some strawberry pie and homemade ice cream.

See ya in church come Sunday morn'n.

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke