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The Pageant Is Fun!

"And the winner is........ the moment you're waiting for!!!"

Three years ago, I first went to the Henderson County Fair Pageant with my grandma.

Me and sometimes my cousins would always pick who we wanted to win, based on how well they did.

My favorite part is the pop question, and speech, but when the show Sunday evening stopped, because a little girl fell off the top bleachers, it got a little scary. Luckily, she seemed to be okay and the pageant continued.

A beauty pageant isn't just about being pretty, it's about who you are inside.

It's not about how fancy your dress is, or how much make-up you wear, but it's how you show caring toward others and to yourself.

It's not about being better than everybody else, but it's about what you think of yourself as a person.

One little girl can make a huge difference in life.

They may be the cutest walking around the stage with her hands on her hips, but that doesn't mean she's going to win.

You just have to be honest, and have fun when your doing it, and if you don't win, try again next year.

Competing is fun to do, so don't give up if you didn't win. Just keep trying and trying.

Losing doesn't mean you're not as good as them, it just means only one can win and tonight was their night.

So, keep on trying no matter what someone says. Just be you!!!

I always picture myself as winning the pageant, but I know it could be my best friend and we want to cheer them on, too.

I live in Urbandale, Iowa, part of Des Moines, and my city doesn't have a fair queen pageant, so it's hard to win a pageant, but that doesn't mean I can't go to one like in Stronghurst.

I spend a week with my Grandma Dessa and Grandpa Mike every year. This year I came unannounced when we were coming back from a vacation. And even though it was not talked about. she still wanted me to stay!!!!!!!!

My favorite time, is when I can see all the beautiful girls do their best to be the Henderson County Fair Queen, Jr. Fair Queen, or Little Miss. Congratulations girls, you all looked like movie stars!!!

Emalee Andrews, 11

Urbandale, Iowa