The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The Last Hoorah!!

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

Chalkboards, locker rooms, and kindergarten classrooms, these are a few of the

things we think of from our schools as we grow older. Memories and more

memories will soon be all that is left of the old three- story La Harpe school


As this is being written, demolition of the school has not yet begun. But with the

arrival of the excavator last week it is surely just around the corner.

Over 80 years of memories have gathered in this building. From the teachers and

other faculty, graduates and all the way down to preschoolers, it seems everyone

you talk to has a memory of this beloved building and they love to share them.

Generations of families have passed through these hallways; all with the

recollection of their favorite teachers, classmates, best friends and high school


While some people don't seem to mind that the old school is being torn down,

the majority of the alumni are saddened to see it go.

This is the second building to be built as a school on this land. The original

building was built in 1899 and destroyed by fire on December 5, 1927. The

present day building was erected in 1928 and connected to the old gym from the

original building that had just been added before it was destroyed.

The building hasn't been in use since 2009 when all classrooms, staff and students moved to

the current building (the former La Harpe High School) that was built in 1958.

During the demolition, there are plans to salvage the 1928 cornerstone, the

"HIGHSCHOOL" lettering above the gym doors and the "LA HARPE SCHOOL" blocks

on the front of the building.

Bricks from the demolition will be made available to the public at a later date.