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New Gates For Raritan Cemetery Are Planned

Last summer in June, the Raritan Cemetery was vandalized and as a result, their entrance gates were destroyed.

It was decided by the cemetery board to replace the present gates with new stronger aluminum gates.

In order to do this, it is necessary to ask for help by soliciting donations for this project.

Anyone wishing to donate money to this project to improve the entrance of the cemetery of our community's loved ones, may do so by dropping off a donation at the Raritan State Bank or by giving money to any cemetery board member. If you have questions about this matter, call Jim Blender a 309-221-5161, Jim Corzatt at 309-221-9702 or Steve Wisslead at 309-337-4280.

A soup supper is being planned for early spring in order to help raise monies for this worthy project.

The cemetery board would appreciate any help (big or small) on this project that you can afford.

Together, it is hoped enough funds will be raised to install this beautiful gate which is a tribute to the care this community takes for the loved ones buried there.

The board is in hopes of having the new gates dedicated at the memorial service next spring.