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Letter to the Editor

Admiration For Math Teacher At His Passing

Dear Editor,

With the recent passing of Don Corry, former La Harpe High School math teacher, our hearts are deeply saddened for his family, wife Ruth and all who knew Don in La Harpe.

Don was not just a teacher, he was an outstanding educator who could have chosen to teach in much larger high schools throughout Illinois yet he chose La Harpe to live in and educate many decades of students in La Harpe.

Joseph Stipanowich, Western Illinois University's Math Department head, once told my husband and I of Don's top scoring students he sent to Western. Joe's favorite story was that he sent the top three math scores to Western out of all of the hundreds taking the test. He was a Don Corry fan.

Ruth, Don's wife, always had coffees inviting new teachers wives and others to get acquainted with La Harpe.

I attended Don's Sunday school class at the Methodist Church and much like his classrooms, he made you THINK. Our two children took math classes from Don and as Julie said, "He always would help you" understand something better.

His family now living throughout Illinois, Mississippi, and Virginia have truly had a dad with the highest of integrity and service to their hometown with his record as a teacher of many students.

I hope I will read of a Don Corry Math Scholarship in the years to come.

Carolee Smith
Former teacher
La Harpe Schools