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Oquawka Village irons out details on Schuyler Street project

By Sally Day, The Quill

Engineers Paul Loete and Steve Haring were on hand to discuss the Schuyler Street project during the January 9, 2012 Oquawka Village Board meeting. Loete explained to Board members that after the plans and specs were completed, they needed to get to work advertising for bids, as many construction companies have their schedules fill up in January and February. Board member Jeff Robbins asked the engineers if the projected cost included storm sewers and water pipes which would lie underneath the street. Loete said, "Storm sewers, yes - water pipe, no."

The Engineers said they would have to put in a change order for this. They will replace the clay pipes with plastic water pipes.

Loete said the entire project should take five months from start to finish. The Engineer Company and the Board will have monthly meetings as the progression moves forward.

There are three grants which are covering much of this project. Plans for making the rest of the monies available will have to be in order before the project can start.

Several resolutions were passed so the project could go forward. Plans for the project will be continued next month.

In other matters, the Board and approximately 20 guests listened to and discussed a Mutual Aid between Police agencies in the County.

Community member Ron Bigger disagreed, stating that the agencies did not need to call for assistance on traffic calls.

Police Chief Todd Miller noted Police officers sometimes do need assistance at traffic calls. Miller further stated that all the agencies need to know that each Law Enforcement man or woman needs the backing of all.

The Public Safety Committee will meet and further discuss this and take it to the County Board, as well.

Board member Robbins thanked the Village's insurance representative, Donna Dunn for her patience in this matter.

Board member Troy Jern made note that the Police Department needed a second Taser, which is an electric shock weapon that uses electric current to disrupt voluntary control of the muscles.

Jern said this was needed for the safety of the police. Chief Miller will look up the price.

In other business, the Board: