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Tri-County Cattlemen Give Beef Backer Award At Annual Banquet

At the Tri-County Cattlemn's Annual Banquet, Jan Runner, President, announced this year's recepient of the Beef Backer's Award.

The award went to Stan Prox of Macomb, know in the Angus world as Mr. Illinois Angus.

He has been involved in the beef business for over 60 years, starting at the age of 10 when he showed his first calf.

His involvement in various beef organizations and events has earned him the respect and support of cattlemen at local, state, and national levels.

After graduating from high school, Stan went to Kentucky for 5 years to attend college and work for Angus breeders.

In 1963 he returned to Illinois and co-owned and managed Vega Farms. Wen they dispersed in 1966, he formed a partnership with Wayne and George Sperry, father and brother-in-law, at Shilo Farms near Macomb.

They showed successfully at local, state, and national shows including champion bull at Illinois, division champion at Louisville, and several division champions in the sale ring at Denver.

Both of his daughters, a granddaughter, and three nieces have been involved in Shilo Farms, and Stan still maintains a herd of 20 cows.

Stan has been very involved in his local and state Angus Associations, serving as director for many years and as president of each.

He currently serves as business manager of the Illinois Angus Association, a position he has held for 16 years.

He has been elected chairman of the Illinois delegation to the American Angus Association's annual meeting for more than 15 years and was appointed to serve on the Angus Heritage Foundation selection committee.

In 1994 he received a plaque honoring his 25 years of service to the Illinois Angus Association, and in 2011 they honored him with the first President's Award for his many years of commitment and dedication to Angus cattle, Angus youth, and Angus activities in Illinois.

He also served as an advisor to the Illinois Juniors in the 1960's, and in 2000 they honored him and his wife for their support.

He was on the Illinois Expo board as the Angus representative and served as Expo Chairman in 1993.

He served as beef director from 1987-1995 on the Land of Lincoln board and as president. He also served on the Illinois State Fair Advisory board.

For over 25 years Stan has promoted beef by selling only high quality beef products, specializing in ribeye sandwiches, from his Chuckwagon Food Stand at local and state fairs and festivals.

For several years he managed the Ribeye Corral in Springfield and Duquoin.

Stan loves the beef cattle industry, especially Angus, but the people are what he really enjoys. He's never met a stranger and those who know him know he is fair, non-judgmental, and will always be there to help.

He has been a mentor to numerous youth over the years and is looked to by many for his knowledge and guidance.

Stan also started managing Lamoine Valley Angus Association stand at Argyle in mid 80's for about 10-12 years selling out of a tent, ribeyes, drinks, and chips. He upgraded to a trailer and added barbeque, and beef hotdogs. and continues upgrading the trailer and menu to hamburgers, cheeseburgers, brisket, hamburger and brisket horseshoes and fries.

He managed a stand in Conservation World at the State Fair and Illinois Beef stand at Duquoin and cook shack for Ribeye Corral.

He started at county fairs in '98 and continues now although not as many.

At Burlington Steamboat Days (with the mayflies, yuck) our stand is a great place to see the stage.

He has done Spoon River Drive, 15 years.

He has cooked in 100 degree + weather and in the snow.

Over his lifetime he has promoted:

Stan always thought he wanted to have a restaurant, guess this is as close as he'll get. His favorite part is the people.