The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Stronghurst Mayor Discusses Alcohol Rumor?

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

Mayor Eric Chockley reported on February 6, at the monthly meeting that three or four people had questioned him on the rumors of alcohol coming to Stronghurst.

Eric said, "So in saying that I called our lawyer and said "what happens if this is brought up by the group'? Mike Neff's advise was "quote, unquote' "this should be done in a referendum form."

"So," Chockley said, "I'm throwing it out there for a challenge, or whatever you want to take this as:"

Eric had called Marcella Cisna, Henderson County Clerk and was told they would need to get 120 signatures for this to be a referendum to be put on the ballot.

Eric said, "So if the group is serious about doing this, you better establish a petition and get going."

Amanda Kane stated she would like to see only package liquor (beer and wine), no bars, but thought it would bring the village in more money.

Deb Hale stated in her research the village should get approximately 40% in revenue and with the Stronghurst Ambulance and fire department having money problems, as well as the roads, she didn't see why the village shouldn't be getting their share.

The last time the issue was brought up Chockley thought the board could mandate the referendum and get it on the ballot and let the city decide but he could not do it.

Chockley feels the Stronghurst Booster Club should take this project on, as the board can do nothing about it.

Chockley said he had always heard the town was dry, but in researching the old ordinance books he discovered the first ordinance book, the very first line stated, "the Village President of Stronghurst can issue a liquor license, "so that rumor, it was always dry, is bull ----," he said.

Chockley and Mike Neff assume this came about when prohibition came, no one knows.

In closing, Chockley said, "This is strictly information; there is nothing the board can do."

A letter from Chris Cook of the Stronghurst Booster Club, requested the board get behind having a drive by mail box in Stronghurst.

Chockley said they had pursued this before and was not able to get it done. Tony Anderson volunteered to talk to Rita Ferguson regarding the matter.

In other business the board:

Present: Mayor Eric Chockley; Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Deb Hale, Tony Anderson, Amanda Kane, David Vancil, Brendan Schaley; Clerk/Treasurer Lou Ann Nortrup; Employees, Ronnie Gittings, Mike Nelson, Arbry Vancil and guest, Shirley Linder.

The next board meeting will be Monday, March 6th at 7:00 p.m.