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County Board Agrees to Help Highway Dept. in levee project

By Sally Day, The Quill

Alan Ferguson, Henderson County Highway Department Superintendent, was on hand to speak with the County Board, Tuesday, February 14.

Ferguson told Board members that ADM located in Gulfport has offered an enormous amount of sand which could be used to rebuild the levees to a level where they need to be.

The sand, located in a parking lot, would need to be moved before March 1, which is the proposed date for the Mississippi River to re-open to barge traffic.

Ferguson noted that Congressman Bobby Schilling, 17th Congressional District of Illinois (R) and Senator John Sullivan, 47th District (D) are both trying to obtain monies from the IKE Disaster Recovery Grant to help pay for this effort.

The project will cost between $60-$65,000, of which the Department has approximately $30,000 to cover a portion of it.

The problem with the grant is, the County is now being told grant monies will not pay for things which were originally agreed upon.

In the first of two motions on this matter, the Board agreed to take $35,000 from a $62,000 CD and place it in the General Fund.

In the second motion, the Board agreed to pay $35,000 upon being billed from the Highway Department, until which time the Ike Disaster Recovery Grant monies pay for this.

Both motions passed, with Gail Russell abstaining from the second motion.

Sheriff Steve Haynes spoke to the Board about security at the jail and Sheriff's office. He said he had two bids from two individuals for security cameras, both inside and outside of the facility. This discussion was tabled until next month.

Also present to talk with the Board was Lynne Haase, Henderson County Health Department Director. She told the Board about a few ways she and other Department members would like to see the community more involved in the Health Department. Haase mentioned many services and activities they offer.

One of the newest services offered to the public will be an increase in transportation.

It will be 18 to 24 months before these buses are on the road. They will not be free; there will be a charge, but they will be available to everyone.

Two of the other services include lunches at the Department, for Seniors and all County members.

On February 29, a class on living wills and durable power of attorney will be offered.

In other business, the Board: