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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Tree cut'n prohibitions, drug raids, entitlements, weather, and fun meetings"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

I'm thankful we missed the snowy weather last Friday and Saturday. As it were, we can take the light rainy weather we received as long as it includes warmer temperatures.

Bill Jones sez some of his friends over in Iowa told him their F.S.A. office has informed them they can't cut down any trees on their farm because of fear of destroy'n some kind of bat habitat or something. He was told they need to seek permission before even felling a tree. He wasn't sure if'n this was year around or just dure'n certain months of the year.

He also wasn't sure if'n it only applied to all of Iowa or just certain parts and is Illinois or certain parts also included?

Well, to be sure, I don't know the answer to those questions. I guess we'll just have to wait and see with our next trip to McDonough, Henderson or Hancock County F.S.A. offices. I know there was a feller over there in Iowa that was fined $2,500 for fell'n a tree that might hold an Eagle nest some day. The Eagle got no benefit from the fine, but went ahead and built its nest in a tree nearby anyway.

There was a report of a police inspection at our local school up north on Friday. Some sez there were some drugs found and maybe a few guns out in the cars.

A local teacher was asked about such go'ns on and she reported it is illegal for students and teachers alike to carry a pocket knife in school anymore. I reckon the rules has changed a great deal since some of us "older folks" went to school. Safety is important for our younger folk whilst in school and elsewhere. I'm a think'n our school officials have the best interest of all in mind. In my day, the big concern was about boys poke'n girls' pony tails into the ink wells. That probably would incur severe punishment today. Most likely a 911 call, police investigation, and pyschological review. The boy would surely be ear-marked a "bully" and "sexual deviant".

There is an economics professor that is polling his sophomore college economics class about their beliefs on our American economic system. He classified those students as the "Gimme Generation" because of their stated thoughts, as they forwarded them on to him in essays.

They seemed to believe strongly in the "tooth fairy" dressed as "Uncle Sam!" They were in strong support of use'n the government to "plunder" the perceived more successful people and businesses thru increased taxation, to support their own personal dreams.

This sense of entitlement, by groups of students, includes for everyone: free health care; free tuition entirely thru graduate school in college; an all inclusive down payment on a house; and guaranteed adequate money from the government for a comfortable retirement no matter how hard you either have or have not worked!

All of these give away programs was to be financed by taxing the "rich". The rich seemed to be almost everyone that held a steady job, owned a home, and had a savings account. "Rich" were those who provided for their future.

One feller even came up with the idea of shut'n down his gas furnace for his rented home and heat'n it entirely with electrical space heaters.

He sez, "don't pay the electrical bill dure'n heat'n season and the utility company can't turn off you electricity dure'n the winter months. In fact don't even pay your rent."

"Come spring move out and go home to live with mom and dad. You have just forced the "Rich capitalists" to keep ya all winter for free and now your parents can keep and feed ya during the summer months." He called this program "Gotcha" and is permitted by the government. "Gotcha" to the"Rich"!

When asked what that might do to his credit record, he felt that was something only "Capitalist Pigs" were worried about! Besides, in their view "Banks" and "Lending Institutions" are perceived as be'n evil and bad.

The professor asks each one in his class to take out their wallets and purses. He then promptly rushes over to one of the students who is clutch'n their wallet or purse with both hands. Immediately he thrusts out and grasps hold of the young person's wallet or purse and pulls it from their reach.

He then removes all their cash with the exception of a few meager dollars. With a shocked look on the students faces he informs everyone of his new found sense of entitlement. As a newly converted member of the "Gimme Generation" he is entitle'n himself to a fish'n trip to Minnesota utilize'n their money. He is now gonna "plunder " (tax) these students "Rich" assets to finance the trip.

His point was well made, it seems, and the students gave pause to reflect on their socialistic popularistic attitude.

I reckon if'n that professor would pull off that lesson in some parts of our state, we'd be pipe'n air to him in the county slammer for a long time to come.

The boys tell me 44% of our population is on some sort of government benefit. If'n they all vote in a block for more of the same in impose'n their sense of entitlement by plunder'n through increased taxation on everyone perceived to be get'n a head it's hard to see how things will get much better or how anyone can get ahead in persue'n their "American Dream".

On a lighter note weather-procrastinator Punxsutawney Phil (the groundhog) saw his shadow at the 126th Gobblers Knob event in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. This means winter will linger six more weeks. If'n it's anything like we've had thus far, I reckon we can stand it.

It was good to see many of the neighbors at the cattleman's feed in Macomb, Saturday night. Seemed as though it was a record crowd with over 700 attend'n. Nice weather brings out the best of em, especially fer a good meal and if'n they've gots money in their pockets.

I also saw some of you fellers, young and old, boys and girls, men and women, in Burlington, Iowa for the 14th annual Mississippi Valley Callers Association Calling Classic. It was a big noisy event with the Iowa State Duck Calling Contest. Everyone seemed to be have'n good clean fun and entertainment watch'n and hear'n young and old compete and look'n over displays. Some estimated over 2,000 people turned out for the event held at the Pzazz Event and Convention Center, Saturday.

Don't forget the Western Illinois University farm show this come'n weekend in Macomb. Hope to see you'ns there relax'n and have'n a good time. Spend some of that "Loot" from good corn, soybean, and livestock sales, and spread your "wealth" around before the government confiscates it!

I'm not say'n anything about the Super Bowl over the weekend fer enough ink has already been spilt in that effort in it's money make'n schemes.

The community had a big loss from a good feller up north, Frank Brokaw. He was a good man. Me and the boys extend our deepest sympathy to the family.

Here's hope'n ever one has a good week come'n up. Make somebody happy as you go about your affairs, and don't forget chocolates, red roses, and perhaps a night out for dinner or something special for your "sweetie" on Valentine's Day, February 14th!

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later

Barnyard Bruke