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Mike Hayes, Oquawka Street and Water Superintendent, Announces His Retirement

By Sally Day-The Quill

Mike Hayes, Street and Water Superintendent of Oquawka, announced to the board, during Monday night's meeting, December 3, 2012, that he would be retiring at the latest, by the end of January 2013.

Hayes, who has served in this capacity for 18 years, was thanked by the board and given kudos for his work.

A discussion ensued to hold an emergency meeting to replace Hayes.

Board members discussed possible qualifications for the position, as well as possible drug testing for this employee and all employees. The board talked about whether the new employee would be required to hold a Plumber's License.

Former Oquawka Street and Water Superintendent, Jack Henshaw was present at the meeting and stated, "Any time you are tapping into the water system, you need a plumber."

The village will try to hire from inside the community first. The meeting will be held Thursday, December 13 at 7 p.m. at the Oquawka Village Building.

Prior to this meeting, a Zoning Meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the same location.

In a follow-up discussion, community member Red Tee told the board they should go back to the set back agreement which is in the city laws.

The zoning meeting will be held to discuss decorative fencing and how far it should be set back from city streets. Zoning Officer Bill Moody was on hand for this discussion and was told to allow the people with the fencing to leave it as it is for now, until after the December 13 meeting.

Steve Haring, an engineer present for the meeting, gave an update on the Schuyler Street project. He said, "We are waiting on clearance from IDOT and Rural Development." He further mentioned that the engineering firm continues to receive questions and requests from Ameren, the electric company which is to move electric poles in the project.

Haring said they have furnished Ameren with the information, plus more than $38,000.00 for the removal and replacement of poles.

Jim Alexander, Henderson County Board member, was on hand to talk to the board about E Recyclables or Electronic Recyclables. He asked board members if they were interested in providing a building and a place to collect these. Board member, Jason Howard said, "Let's try."

Bruce "Rebel" Ruberg was present to request the board clean up his boulevard, following water work which was done there. Ruberg noted he had not had water for a month and yet received a water bill. The boulevard needs to be leveled and re-seeded. Board member Todd Shinberger said, "Let's get it done."

In other business, the board:

In other business the board: