The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Biggsville Board Meeting

The Biggsville Village Board met in regular session Monday, July 16, at the Biggsville community center with Bill Ewing Village President presiding.


Parks and Recreation

Scott Rhinehart reported that the lime crete that the Parks Committee requested was for the rock that is washing out at Reid Park's Shelter House. The board members suggested that the Park's Committee use the rock that is piled next to maintance shed to replace the washed out rock.


Brian Sterett reported that the quarterly report needs to go out.

Tractor/Backhoe is needed to dig out the meter pits. To rent an excavator from USA Rentals per month is $1,675 (price includes insurance); there is $95 charge for drop off of equipment and $95 charge for pick up.

Brian Sterett reported that John Graham is selling a backhoe for $23,000.

Bill Ewing reported that the village could purchase a used 2008 New Holland backhoe with trade in for $32,000 from John Deere.

Brian Sterett made a motion to rent the excavator from USA Rentals for $1675 with insurance coverage and the delivery and pickup fee of $95 each and seconded by Scott Rhinehart. Roll was called and all present voted to accept motion.

Public Relations

Bill Ewing reported that the Neighborhood Watch will have their meeting on the last Wednesday of the month and then report to the board at following board meeting.

The estimate cost for the signs and stickers for the Neighborhood Watch was $300-350. The committee had checked the cost for these items on line.

Sewer & Lagoon

Shane was going to dig out the PTO to make sure that it works.

Metal detector is still needed for the up coming project to find the water pits. Brian Sterett made a motion to purchase a new metal detector for $350 or less and seconded by Brian Cochran. Roll was called and all present voted to accept motion.


Bill Ewing reported that Shane will work on the meter pits first and then the next project would be to work on the valves and yokes.

Old Business

Working on getting requested items to the auditor.

New Business

Bill Ewing reported that Rich Myers, Gulfport Village President, wanted to know if Biggsville would be interested in hiring their cop to patrol in the Village at $20/hour for 20 hours a week that would not be set hours. It was tabled for discussion at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m. until the August 20th meeting at the Biggsville Community Center.

Cindy Rhinehart,

Village Clerk