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Oquawka Board denies ball field monies

By Sally Day, The Quill

Steve Lumbeck, who has taken on the Ball Field as a project, was present at the Village of Oquawka meeting, Monday, August 7, 2012. Lumbeck handed the Board a zip lock bag filled with a sample of crushed limestone, which was from a local company, Cessford, and was much less expensive than a prior sample he had shown the Board.

Last month, the cost for the project was thought to be between $15,000 and $16,000. The Board has asked Lumbeck if he could get the price lower and return to the Board with additional information.

Cessford agreed to donate two loads if two loads were purchased. Dean Holmes had offered to shape the grounds at no cost.

Johnson Sod Farm had also offered to donate sod for the project. "The ball field has not been improved greatly in over 40 years," Lumbeck noted. He also had mentioned he would like to see an irrigation system in place to keep the sod in shape. "I like the sod idea," he said, "We can have a nice ball field; something to be proud of." Board member Jason Howard said, "I don't think we need the irrigation."

Community resident Nancy Tennant said, "Kudos to you Steve. Who is going to mow it; who is going to fix the irrigation system; we can't keep up with the Rex Plex."

Lumbeck responded, "I am not trying to keep up with Rex Plex."

In regards to the irrigation system, Lumbeck explained that the water would be drained in the winter and that most of the parts are plastic hose, easy to replace.

Board member Troy Jern made the motion to donate $6500.00 to the improvement of the ball field. The motion died due to the lack of a second. Lumbeck said, "Thank you for your time. I will give back the donations."

Tennant thanked the Board, "You have shown great restraint to our poor little humble town." She added, "I love children people, more than those people who have children, but we don't need this."

Community resident Red Tee also said he agreed with Tennant about the ball field, but disagreed with the Board allowing people to question the Board before the proper time to do so.

Oquawka Police Chief Todd Miller offered his monthly report to the Board. Total calls on all shifts were: 184. These were broken down into three categories: Total Day Weekday, Total Day Weekend, and Total Night. Arrests totaled 7.

Chief Miller also mentioned that two officers are currently taking classes, which will cost $1190.00. This total will be 75 percent reimbursed and the Board agreed to pay the remainder.

Board member Howard asked Chief Miller about recent break-ins.

Chief Miller said there had been a couple and one of those was thought to be much younger people as it was a theft of coins or change.

Chief Miller also mentioned that the Police Department had a chance to obtain free of charge an Army Humvee and this could be used in very bad snow or flooding.

The Board did not vote on it, but decided against it.

In other business, the Board: