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Pit bull attack in Lomax discussed with County Board

By Sally Day, The Quill

Narrowly avoiding a vicious attack by a pit bull, Grace Worley of Lomax, was present at the April 10, 2012 meeting of Henderson County Board, to explain her plight and ask for assistance in having the dog penned up or tied up.

According to Grace, on April 2 of this year, Brian Worley, her 16-year-old son, and Peggy Rockhold, her mother-in-law, and Worley were walking down the street, only a few doors down from where Waddell Watson resides.

As they got closer to their destination, a pit bull who belongs to Watson growled, barked, and circled Worley.

Coming around her, the dog jumped up on her, placing his mouth at her throat.

Watching this unfold, a few doors down, at the Worley residence, Kelly Worley, Grace's husband quickly ran, in his stocking feet, to Watson's house, where he raced in the door, shouting, "Get your dog, get your dog off my wife now."

Watson did so. Brian stood nearby, protecting his Grandmother. "It appears as if Watson moves the dogs to Burlington, Iowa each time one of these incidences occurs," Grace noted.

The dog catcher, Ravonna Butler was called and said she could not come down to Lomax because it was 5 o'clock and by the time she got there it would be dark and Watson was always gone when she arrived.

Grace said, "I have called you three times about this dog and nothing has been done." Butler claimed she had not heard from Grace three times. Grace replied adamantly, "I have called you three times about this dog and I have the phone records to prove it."

This was not the first time they have had an encounter with this particular dog.

"It is the fourth time the dog has come at my son," said Grace. "including chasing him home from the bus stop." Grace noted each of these attacks has been unprovoked.

Grace noted her husband is very distraught over this, stating, "He has lived in Lomax all his life and he said, there was my whole life in front of me, my wife, my mom, and my son, and I couldn't keep this from happening to them and it sounds like I can't prevent it in the future."

"I feel I have gone through the right channels," Grace continued.

"I have called the dog catcher, the police, the State's Attorney; and attended the Lomax Village Board meeting and the Henderson County Board meeting." County Board Chairman Marty Lafary said, "We will take this matter as far as it will go."

Following the Board meeting, the dog catcher, Ravonna Butler and Grace spoke in the court house.

Butler told Grace she would take steps to attempt to fix the problem.

During a discussion about Mutual Aid between the County and the Village of Oquawka, State's Attorney Scott McClintock told the Board there was no need for a Mutual Aid plan because legally, law enforcement can travel into other jurisdictions. No motions were made in this matter.

The Board learned from Zoning Officer Coral Seitz, that there were nine building permits issued in March, with an approximate construction cost of $564,000.00 totally and permit fees collected were $690.00.

In other business, the Board: