The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1921 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, May 19, 1921 

OBITUARIES: MRS. C. G. RICHEY: Mrs. C. R. Richey passed away at her home in Media Township on May 13th, her death being caused by heart trouble following an attack of gastritis.  While her last illness was of but about a week’s duration, she had not been in robust health for the past year or more.  Her many friends had hoped, however, for her complete restoration to health and the news of her death came as a sad blow to these hopes.

Mrs. Jessie Spears Richey, daughter of Alexander and Mary McElroy Spears, was born near Media, Ill. Dec. 6th, 1859 and departed this life May 13, 1921, aged 51 years, 5 months and 7 days.  Being the youngest daughter of a family of ten children, four of whom still survive her, namely, Mrs. Thos. Pogue, Fairfield, Ia.; Miss Clara Spears, Knoxville, Tenn.; William Spears of Stronghurst, Ill. and Mrs. Olive Whiteman of Burlington, Iowa.

She was united in marriage to Clarence G. Richey Oct. 4, 1881 and to them were born seven children: Raus Richey, Stronghurst, Ill.; Mrs. Robert Clarke, Stronghurst, Ill.; Mrs. Charles Pogue, Stronghurst, Ill.; William Harold Richey, Prairie City, Ill.; Mrs. John Balridge, Des Moines, Ia.; Thomas A. Richey, Yuma City, Ariz.;; and Mrs. Waldo Spruitt, Traverse City, Mich.  These with the husband, thirteen grandchildren and a large circle of relatives and friends mourn this deep loss.  All the children mentioned were in attendance at the funeral which was held on May 15th.

Her whole life was spent in Henderson County near the place of her birth with the exception of three years they lived in Monmouth to give their children school advantages.  She was a woman of great energy and took an active part in public affairs in the community and in war work.  In her early life she confessed her faith in Christ and untied with the United Presbyterian Church of Walnut Grove, but when the congregation merged with that of Media, Ill., she transferred her membership to it in which connection she remained an active member, taking a leading part in the work of the church, especially of the Women’s Missionary Society in which she filled the office of president and treasurer, always holding an optimistic outlook for the work and was ready to back her words with deeds.  She never failed to show her pastors her hearty appreciation by her presence and earnest prayers.

The funeral service was at home with interment in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

***DR. J. A. BAILEY*** Residents of the community were shocked on Tuesday evening when word circulated that Dr. J. A. Bailey had dropped dead on the farm one and half miles west of Raritan where he and his wife have been living for the past few years.

Dr. Bailey had hauled two loads of oats to Stronghurst during the day and after returning from the second trip in the evening was engaged in removing the harness from one of the horses when he toppled over on the straw in the stall and expired within a few moments.  No one else was about the stable at the time, but a few minutes later John Hunt of Raritan, who was employed on the farm, came in with a team from the field where he had been working discovered the still warm body lying in the stall.  It required but a brief examination to discover that life was extinct and it was decided that the county coroner should be notified.  This was done and a jury of the neighboring farmers was impanelled to inquire into the cause of death with the verdict being that Dr. Bailey had suffered a stroke of apoplexy and that death had resulted instantaneously.

The deceased was 68 years of age and was for many years a practicing physician at Olena and Biggsville, Ill.  He retired from active practice several years ago and had recently given his attention to the management of the farm in Raritan Township.  He is survived by his wife, the former Miss Fannie Cortleyou of Raritan Township and by one son, William Bailey of Burlington, Iowa and one daughter, Elizabeth Bailey, who has made her home in California for several months past.  A short funeral service will be followed by interment in the Biggsville Cemetery. 

***CHARLES A. LANT*** Charles A. Lant passed away at his home in Media Township, three miles north of Stronghurst following an illness of about three days from pneumonia.  Mr. Lant was born and spent nearly his entire life on the farm which he occupied at the time of his death.  His parents were George D. and Sarah (Gibson) Lant and he was born on Oct. 2, 1850.  He attended the public schools and later assisted his father in the management of the farm, remaining under the parental roof until he was 29 years of age when he married Miss Jessie L. Burrell, a native of McHenry County, Ill.  Following marriage Mr. Lant lived on a rented farm for four years and in 1882 bought his brother’s interest in the home place in Media Township and built a residence thereon in which the family has since resided.

The deceased is survived by his wife and five children, namely, Mrs. Ruth Browning, Nellie Lant and Margaret Lant –all of the home, and Ross C. Lant of Burlington, Iowa and Paul D. Lant of Flint, Mich.

Mr. Lant was a public spirited citizen, interested in all matters pertaining to the welfare of his community, both in secular and religious affairs.  He was a trustee of the Olena United Presbyterian Church for many years and when that congregation disbanded transferred his membership to the Stronghurst U.P. Church.  Funeral services were conducted at the Olena Church with interment in the North Cemetery at Olena.

POLL TAX NOTICE: At a regular meeting of the Commissioners of Highways of Stronghurst Township a poll tax of $2.00 was assessed on all able bodied men in Stronghurst Township between the ages of 21 and 50.  This tax must be paid by the first Monday in June to either C. H. Curry, Treas. or D. Prescott, deputy.  The only persons exempt from this tax are paupers, idiots and lunatics.