The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The America I Know and Love!

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

July 6, 2011

It is not that I think things haven't changed in the good old U.S. of A. for I see that much has changed. From the political scene to the home scene, our grandparents would just shake their heads.

It is not just family tables that are not visited regularly, but it is our churches, our parents and grandparents, even the cemeteries on Memorial Day are not decorated as they once were. People seem to put more interest into TV shows or hobbies even work, than in the act of being with loved ones. But the value of America is still here in the freedoms we have, which is choosing what paths we will take. That means a mint, and it is why we take time to celebrate with gusto, Independence Day.

This weekend I attended several outings which proved to me, the best foods are cooked in mom's kitchen. Sweet corn couldn't have been sweeter or roast pork, juicier along with cheesy potatoes, fresh watermelon, and wild blackberry cobbler-yum!

Plus, a show of fireworks or a parade in one of our small towns, is a finale you would not want to miss.

I had great pleasure as a 7-year old boy taught me how to drive a Jet Ski on his country pond. I enjoyed watching parents and children fish, swim and boat together with much visiting and laughter. Yet, what reminded me of just how precious America still is today was the ability to circle hand in hand with friends and give thanks to a gracious God for what we are able to enjoy.