The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Greed and Power- Enough Is Enough

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

April 6, 2011

Editorial by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Watching what's happening in our nation is disturbing and it seems there is a lot of confusion about exactly what is going on with the waffling and the pointing fingers at each other.

No one is willing to take on the responsibility for our mess. No one wants another to receive credit for solving problems either. Hence, we have gridlock, a dead-end no future type of dilemma.

The fact is, Illinois along with many other states, and our nation have handed out money for every kind of situation until they haven't been able to even keep up with the leaky monetary faucets at the Capitol.

Uncle Sam is standing with his pockets inside-out and yet, everyone continues circling him asking for money, including grant money for their local programs, but no one wants to agree to any cuts or conservative measures.

Around Ft. Benning, GA, one of the largest U.S. Army training bases in the nation, there are constant talks that heavy cuts are being made in the military whose jobs are to protect us and others from harm. People are being murdered in Lybia, yet there are those who feel that is okay to keep the military at home but it is inhumane to cut aide to the desperate outside the U.S. who need medical help or they will die.

Are there not humanitarian groups who help feed the hungry, help the sick, and groups who raise funds to fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.? Is it solely the government's job to do all of this, and can our economy afford it?

Aren't we as a society expected to love your neighbor as yourself and help them out as individuals, not keep raising taxes and asking the government to do it for us thereby relinquishing individual responsibility?

We talk about wanting a renewable fuel to stop the greed and power in the Middle East and their need to guard their oil fields, yet the easiest renewable fuel at hand, Ethanol is being talked about by some as a bad thing. Some say they are afraid there will be a shortage of corn for food, a myth proven wrong in the recent hour long documentary "FREEDOM". Ethanol, which has been embraced by NASCAR this year, is being used in the military, and is also good for the environment.

Now is a time of reckoning in Illinois and in our nation and at home, starting with you and me. We can cut out some of the unnecessary items to put aside money to help our neighbors and/or a favorite charity.

Illinois is releasing new Chicago Bears license plates April 16th. The cost is $69, and hopefully they are making some good money out of it, or they should up the price. Enough of the give-away programs, and the luxuries in a bankrupt state.

We need to get back to fixing the leaky financial faucets in the White House, and the unsafe roads in Illinois, and let the people who buy luxury plates take pride in more than their team, but also in their state highways and help pay for them.

In our nation, we need to stop the power struggle and gridlock, and sit down together and whittle away at the national debt.

Perhaps we could ground Air Force One frequently. Each Congressman and Senator or Representative could be given an amount to cut in their own committees. We all have to take responsibility and work together on ways to make our homes and country run more efficiently, but we all must take part in the process... no exceptions.

There needs to be more political integrity and insistence on doing what is right with no compromise. We should insist on more willingness of politicians to work together, all the time, remembering, that is what they are being paid to do by the taxpayers. We are concerned, because it is Uncle Sam who is standing in the soup line and it is our turn to face the cuts as a nation. We must make cuts at home, personally volunteer more often, and help our schools and important causes we believe in.

No more power struggles. Enough is enough.