The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

I'm In A Holding Pattern For Now

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

March 16, 2011

Another March birthday makes me a year older right along with everyone else in the world, so I guess we never really do get older than anyone else. We are just all in it together.

So, why do so many people worry about their age.

When you finally get to the point you don't have to look old enough to drive, or to date or be married, or look young enough to swing in a swing, wear shorts, or ride a motorcycle than you really start to enjoy life.

That is why Aunt Claire had no quams about riding a motorcycle at age 100. She just hopped on and said let's go. Her disappointment was that she didn't go in the hot-air balloon at 103 like she wanted to.

I think she was in a holding pattern most of her later life enjoying a bit of what life had to offer.

I am jumping into that holding pattern where I don't count the years, but just enjoy the ride.

After all, I have passed all the major dates like age 13, age 16, age 21, and there just isn't any good reason to count any further.

With lots of grandchildren around, I plan on trying to keep up as much as my strength and energy will let me.