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A Wii Bit Better With A Wii

It is that time of year again, when we are all thinking about the increased waste-line after the holidays.

New Year resolutions are long forgotten from last year and it's time to start again.

Well, this year, several of my kids and grandkids were home between New Year's and Christmas and were itching for Grandma to get with the times and buy a "Wii".

Well, with a $50 bribe from one of my sons, I decided to run to Wal-Mart for the Nintendo game that has been the Christmas hit the last couple of years.

I purchased the Wii Fitness Plus and a couple Sports games and returned back home and my son had it installed on the basement family room TV in a few minutes.

Too many are sitting down these days rather than moving, and the Wii is guaranteed to take care of that problem - if you let it.

I have really enjoyed it and found out it is almost like having a personal trainer. The workouts seem easy but they really work your muscles without you knowing it.

I think the trick is the competitive spirit we each have.

The Wii Fit has you choosing an activity such as hula hoop, walking, jogging, dodging soccer balls, a snow ball fight, skiing down hill, and a number of other choices that make you want to do it again in order to get a better score.

I was surprised when I first got onto the board and it told me how much I weighed. It was too late then and it was already giving me instructions on what I needed to do.

It was telling me how bad it is on my health to not stand up straight or to be over weight. It makes you aware of your posture and even tells you if you are fidgeting.

It also knows when you are NOT on the board, what time of day you last worked out, and knows when you have missed a day.

In other words, it is hard to fool this Wii trainer. If someone of a different weight gets on the board, it knows that too.

We have only had the Wii a couple of weeks but I am sure it is one of the better investments for getting people more active, working out, and having fun together with family and friends.

One morning it asked me if I was stressed because I had missed a day. Then it suggested I do some of the more easier balancing games.

I chose the one where you try to find your inner self by sitting on the board and not moving while focusing on a burning candle. It sounds easy but it isn't. I could only sit 38 seconds at first.

No matter what you are doing with the Wii, the trainer always gives you tips and helps you get better. And you do get better.

Again, a lot of it is that competitive spirit inside us that makes us want to try it one more time in order to get better.

It also tells you what age it thinks you are according to your age, weight, and activities you have done on the Wii. I have actually improved enough to lose about 9 years in just a couple weeks.

Nothing wrong with being younger.

No, I don't have stock in the Nintendo company, I just think this is one game we all need in America.

If you have made a resolution to lose weight or get in shape this year, look for a sale on the Wii and purchase it for your home. It will help improve your overall health and make it a lot of fun instead of a lot of work.

Plus, it is something the whole family can do.

Oh, by the way, there are other Wii games besides Wii-Fit such as Wii Dance, and Wii Sports and so forth.