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Village Of Oquawka Board Meeting

August 1, 2011

The regular meeting of the board of trustees was called to order by Mayor Henshaw at 7:00 p.m. Pledge to the flag was given.

Roll call was answered by Bundy, Shinberger, Jern, Howard, Henry and Robbins. Attorney Neff and Clerk Huff were present.

Motion by Shinberger seconded by Robbins to approve the July bills, minutes, and June treasurer's report. 6 yeas.

Motion by Jern seconded by Bundy to pass Annual Appropriation Ordinance 825. 6 yeas.

There were no zoning permits for July.

Chief of Police Miller reported 88 calls resulting in 4 arrests in July.

Assistant Chief of Fire Dept. Jern asked if the OVFD could purchase a new laptop computer.

Motion by Bundy seconded by Robbins to approve the fire department to purchase a new laptop computer at a cost of no more than $800. 5 yeas 1 abstain (Jern).

Pool report-No report.

Street Supt. Gotaas was not present.

Engineer Steve Haring gave an update on how much grant monies the village has gotten for the Schuyler Street improvement. Through today the total grant monies secured for the project is $518,714. The total estimated cost for the project is $1,405,000.00. If all the monies are available the projected start date for this project is 2012.

Resident Bruce Ruberg expressed his thoughts about some people in Oquawka not taking care of their property such as not mowing the grass. He suggested possibly pass a grass cutting ordinance so if the resident doesn't cut their grass after it gets so many inches tall, the village can go in and mow it and send the owner a bill for mowing.

Tianna Lain asked to have 8th Street closed from Knox to Mercer. It will be closed Saturday 5:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. Sunday, September 24 and 25, 2011. There will be vendors set up in the street.

Motion by Jern seconded by Howard to pass Ordinance #826 pertaining to closing 8th Street Knox to Mercer 5:00 a.m. Saturday, September 24th through Sunday, September 25th, 8:00 p.m. 2011. 6 yeas.

Motion by Robbins seconded by Jern to pay James Insurance $12,288.00 for work comp renewal insurance for 1 year. 6 yea.

Motion by Jern seconded by Howard to renew the lease to the Current paper for the city owned building located at corner of 3rd and Schuyler at a cost of $250.00 a month for 2 years with the same lease agreement terms as the last lease. 6 yeas.

Pat Heinz was present to ask for a donation for the OVFD annual car show September 24.

Motion by Howard seconded by Shinberger to donate $300.00 plus, provide a porta pot at the north end of the track field in Oquawka for the 18th annual OVFD car show. 6 yeas.

Resident Cathy Bogard lodged a complaint about the property on the east corner of 4th and Fulton Streets. She's worried all the garbage and junk around the residence and property might cause mice and other varmints to come to her property. She was told that the owners of the property have been fined and may be fined a larger amount next time, if they don't clean up their property.

Resident Penny Moore asked if something could be done about the semi's that park in the village lot that leave their tractor part of the semi running for hours while parked there. The noise is very loud and they can't even sit out in their yard. Penny also asked if the parking lot could be oiled so the dirt isn't so bad. The drivers will be contacted about this matter and the dust from the parking lot will also be taken care of.

Penny Link, on behalf of the Eagle View 5K run/walk, September 24, 2011, asking for a donation for the run and to make sure it's okay to start and finish at the track field.

Motion by Robbins seconded by Shinberger to donate $250.00 to the 2nd annual Eagle View 5K walk/run being held September 24, 2011. 6 yeas.

Business woman Sue Bigger asked if the drainage problem in front of her business the Village Hub could be fixed. Mayor Henshaw said it would be taken care of.

Motion by Jern seconded by Howard to adjourn the meeting at 8:38 p.m. 6 yeas.

Motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Harold Henshaw, President of Village Trustees

Sandy Huff, Village Clerk