The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Board Abolishes Caucses

The trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House September 8, 2011 with trustees Anders, Blender, Powless, and Waller answering roll call.

President Knapp, trustee Magee and Knapp were absent.

Trustee Sammy Blender opened with prayer.

A motion was approved passing a resolution for the Abolishment of Caucuses for the Village of Raritan. Roll call vote follows:

Anders aye,

Blender aye,

Knapp absent,

Magee absent,

Powless aye,

Waller aye. Motion carried.

The minutes were approved the following bills were approved for payment:

Wisslead Oil $74.72;

Dan Bartlett $375.00;

AmerenIP $1,466.66;

Dallas Rural Water $668.75;

Waste Management $914.60;

PDC $29.00;

Jessica Gipe $34.00;

Dennis Rankin $154.70;

Carlyn Anders $99.00;

Phil Anders $119.00;

Gary Powless $80.00;

Jay Blender $160.00.