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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Grandparents should pass along sound bits of wisdom and philosophy to the next generation!"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois.

I'm a hope'n this column finds ever one in tip-top-shape and in a good mood. If'n not, then maybe this piece will cheer ya up a bit.

One of my grandchillens asked me the other day to write some Barnyard wisdom that could be understood by young'ns, clear and simple. Some philosophy learned straight from the farm, that might apply, look'n forward as one strives for success.

So I sez, "Yes, I will share with ya something I've learned over the years:

As you get older and hopefuly more successful you needs to maintain a good hard work ethic. It should be longer, tougher hours than anyone who may work for you. Ya might ask, "Why should ya, when ya don't have to. After all that's the advantage of be'n Boss".

"Well", I sez, "Around the farm it don't take long to figure out who's do'n the work and how much of it is a get'n done. It was a code of honor with your Paw and Grandpa, to keep up with or pass top producers, not to see how little ya could get away with do'n.

Some fellers as teenagers, figure they is about as much of an adult worker as they is gonna be. And yet, their Paw or older neighbor folk would load hay faster, stay in the field longer, diligently attack a problem more aggressively, and sacrifice more than many a teenage young'n.

When my grandchild asked why that is, I stated, "They is the boss. As long as that is so and they is be'n paid the most, as boss, they ought to do the most."

"The boss is in a position to do more and to be a good example. He should always take the heavy end and the toughest side and work whether sick or well and always feed others before he eats.

He should be at this job first and leave last; he is in charge an if'n he is a real boss he will take charge by do'n more than his hired help".

"Ya see", I sez to my grandchild, "the boss is the leader. Even though he does have the privilege of assigning jobs and duties, it is best done not by give'n or shout'n orders. The best is by show'n how it's done by yourself, Barnyard style."

"Too many bosses, in modern days, have become noth'n more than "trackers", forget'n that the best way to teach and inspire is by show'n results yourself.

A good way to render someone useless is to give him or her a promotion, a big title, and a new vehicle all at the same time."

"It won't be too long before an attitude developes of, "I'm paid too much to do any real work".

"That attitude is a begin'n to be the curse of our country. It grants permission to grow a big belly, drive a fancy car, and draw a big pension and bonus".

"The idea of love and respect from, and for your crew, soon is lost somewhere".

"There is a good philosophy to be learned from the farm. It should be learned, Grandchild, from watch'n your Maw and Paw farm with limited resources whilst manage'n livestock, run'n a household, and train'n children.

This philosophy involves 9 basic elements:

1) Follow the Golden Rule continually: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you". This is a "Cardinal Rule" that all decisions must begin with!

2) Trust people

3) Work hard

4) Never allow yourself to get behind

5) Keep your word. It is your bond and is another "Cardinal Rule".

6) Be generous (more than fair) with neighbors, merchants, helpers, and those ya associate with.

7) Be in control of what ya have control over.

8) Give your people plenty of rope and expect them to be accountable for themselves.

9) Use "I" and "Me" as little as possible and "We" and "Us" as often as possible on the job and around your family. It encourages teamwork, togetherness, and a cooperative work spirit.

"There ya have it then Grandchild." I calmly but firmly spoke. This is as sound as advice and wisdom as I reckon I've been taught when it comes to the matter of success.

If'n ya can remember this wisdom both on and off the farm, it will serve ya well."

It was passed on to me from my Pa and to him from his Pa as well. I was fortunate enough to know both of my Great Grandpas, who both held to the same philosophy.

So now, I'm a pass'n it on to you and I'm a hope'n ya remembers it accurate enough to pass it along to the proper folk when the appropriate time comes along.

That's one of the things Grandparents is fer-to pass along bits of wisdom from time to time, as they is a look'n after their Grandchillens.

As for the rest of you'ns a read'n this column, now ya knows partly what has made the "Bruke" family tic. Pass it along, clip it out, and nail it to the barn door, our young folk needs it, and have yourself a good and safe week a come'n up.

Keep on Smile'n
Catch ya Later
Barnyard Bruke