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Stronghurst Sets Trick or Treat For Oct 31st; Holiday Walk Is Planned for Nov. 18th

by Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

At the October Stronghurst Village Board meeting on the 3rd, Trustee David Vancil said Trick or Treat night would be from 5-7 p.m. on Monday, October 31st, however Chris Cook said it would be better if it was from 5:30-7:30 p.m. because of people getting home from work at 5. The board accepted the 5:30-7:30 p.m. on October 31st.

The board requests that residents not burn leaves for 48 hours prior to Trick or Treat night for the safety of the children.

An MSA Engineer presented final plans and specs for the test well which is ready, with the board's approval, to be let for bids. MSA will be sending the bids sheets to contractors and send a permit application to IEPA at the same time.

An agreement to be signed with the fair board for drilling on their property has not been returned from the lawyer yet.

At the September 6th meeting Mike Tanner talked about the possibility of putting a spray ground at the park. He said that 15-20 thousand dollars would cover the basic spray park that would be in a 20' x 20' concrete slab. He said there is 2 types, one is recycled water and the other is water to waste. The recycled has to be state approved which is more labor intense. Water to waste does not have to be state approved. The water system is started by touch and can be scheduled when the water is available. The board is looking into the project. Chris Cook speaking on be half of Diana Taylor, who offered to help with fund raisers, said some bids have come but they are waiting on a couple more. She made the suggestion to just go with the water spouts for now and forget the toys. Start out with the regular sprinklers and work their way up to the others.

Richard Knutstrom had asked the board at the September 6th meeting to pay for the bill for trimming 6-7 trees at the Presbyterian Church at an estimate of $1,250. The board gave Deb Hale and Amanda Kane permission to make the final decision after they looked at the trees. At this October meeting they said they would not pay half as they only pay to cut down dead and dangerous trees, not for topping or trimming.

The board is in the process of having an ordinance on trees outside the sidewalks drawn up.

Knutstrom also questioned the cars sitting on Larry Hensley's property. The board cannot do anything as long as they are licensed, registered and movable. They also stated an individual may sell 6 cars a year with out being a licensed dealer.

Knutstrom also complained of cats, which the board has addressed many time and nothing can be done as the state recognizes them as a wild animal in Illinois.

Sara Nimrick thanked those who participated in the kick-off for the celebration to be held next summer.

She told the board they have sold 50 reprints of the Stronghurst Centennial book and 25 more have been ordered. The board ordered a copy of the old history book as well as a copy of the new one for their collection.

They are also working on the Holiday Walk which will be held in Stronghurst on November 18, 2011.

Nimrick bought up the idea of having a tree in the middle of Broadway and Main, knowing it was not a popular idea before, but it was suggested to have it on a flat bed trailer. It would only be in the street for the one day and then would be moved to east of the Bank of Stronghurst.

There would be a tree lighting ceremony during the walk and perhaps have a copy of Christmas stories.

The 20' blue spruce tree will come from Ralph Tatge's back yard as it is getting too big for the yard.

However, due to traffic not being blocked from going into Fisher's Food Center and Vancil's Locker, as it is deer hunting weekend, they agreed the trailer should be parked in the middle of the business district on Broadway St. The board agreed to donate $250 for lights for the tree.

Chris Cook reported they will not be having a drawing for hams and turkeys this year but will give the cost of the ham and turkeys to the Community Outreach Center for their food pantry.

Cook said there were several lights out in the park. She is going to mow the railroad property by her property since the railroad will not do it.

She also requested a donation for the Stronghurst Booster Club's Holiday Walk.

On a motion by Deb Hale, seconded by Brendan Schaley, the board voted to donate $750.00.

Previously, a motion was passed that each trustee would receive $20 for committee meetings; however, the newly elected officials needed to wait for 6 months before it could be put into effect. It is now in effect.

A 96 gallon recycling cart from Waste Management was displayed which will be available to residents. The additional capacity of the cart of about 5 bins allows for easier recycling by placing everything in one cart with an attached lid, large wheels for easy transport and convenient handles. The recycle bins now used may still be used by residents. Waste Management is preparing a formal proposal for the village that will provide a firm number for the containers..

In the absence of Chief of Police Gary Smith, the police report was given by Assistant Chief Arbry Vancil.

In order to maintain a high degree of accountability among the department's officers, Chief Smith created an "Officer Complaint" form for public members whom wish to file a complaint against an offer. Verbal complaints will no longer be considered for review.

At the September meeting Richard Clifton asked for assistance in paying future bills for pumping the septic tanks at Oak Lane and Oak Wood Care Centers. On a motion by Amanda Kane, seconded by Deb Hale the board voted to pay 100% of the pumping bills in the even years and 50% in odd years.

Also at the September meeting Brendan Schaley presented a plaque to Dick Schmitz in remembrance of his wife Bonnie. She had been a huge supporter of the sports program, and the plaque will be displayed on or by the newly constructed concession stand.

In other business the board:

The next board meeting will be held on Monday, November 7th at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

Present: Mayor Eric Chockley, Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Brendan Schaley, Deb Hale, Amanda Kane, David Vancil, Tony Anderson; Clerk/Treasurer Lou Ann Nortrup; employees, Ronnie Gittings, Mike Nelson, Assistant Chief Arbry Vancil; guests, Chris Cook, Richard Knutstrom, Sara Nimrick, Linda Clifton, David Knutstrom, Curt Eisenmayer, Shirley Linder.