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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Don't argue politics or religion!"

Greetings to everyone in western Illinois. I'm a hope'n this week finds you'ns in good humor and your hearts filled with joy.

Harvest is a comman along quite well after last weeks short respite with rain. Some fellers has started on beans but, only have to say yields are satisfactory. No numbers given on bushels per acre yet. That's a sign they are do'in well.

The boy's sez the president is propose'n a tax increase to keep his word on transfer'n wealth from those folk with a life long good work ethic to those who don't have any work ethic. He is mask'n the charade under the disguise of a jobs bill. They claim the government will take the hard workers money, earned and saved by the sweat if his brow, by force if necessary, and give to people too lazy to work.

The boys sez the hard workers money will be given, it is proposed, to drug addicts which have a disease (addiction) and that we must support and treat them, and pay for the damage they do. Bill Jones wondered if a giant germ rushed out of a dark alley, grabbed them, and stuffed white powder up their noses. Or, did the germ stick a needle in their arm whilst they tried to fight it off?

Buster Jig's sez he wonders why he is be'n forced by the government to support young men and women in their teens and early 20's bedecked in tattoos and face studs, thereby make'n themselves unemployable and claim'n money from the government.

"Why is it", Cornelius asked, "That wealthy athletes, entertainers, and politicians of all parties talk about innocent mistakes, stupid mistakes, or youthful mistakes, when we all know they think their only mistake was gett'n caught".

Sandy sez, "What gives folks that sense of entitlement somebody owes them everything?" "Why don't they," he asked, "Take responsibility for their lives? Why must they blame the government, or discrimination, or big-whatever for their problems"?

Jasper Jenx questioned, along with Ken Huber, whether America has become the land of the special interest and home of the double standard.

For examples they sez, "If'n you lie to Congress, it's a felony but if'n Congress lies to the people it's just politics", if'n a white person dislikes a black person, it's racism, but if'n a black dislikes whites, it's their 1st amendment right".

"The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals but they do almost nothing for the victims. In public schools it can be taught that homosexuality is ok, but you better not use the word "God" in the process".

"Doctors can kill an unborn or one-half born child, but it's wrong to execute a mass murderer".

"In America we don't burn books", Utah Carol sez, "We now rewrite them. The communist and socialist threat has been eliminated by rename'n them progressives. America is unable to close it's border with Mexico, but it has no problem protecting the 38th parallel in Korea".

"If'n you protest against President Obama's policies you are a racist and terrorists sympathizer. However, if'n you burned an American flag or George Bush in effigy it was your 1st amendment right.

Patty sez," You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not put a nativity scene in a public park dure'n Christmas or display the ten commandments on public ground".

"Many criminals have been eliminated in America by now call'n them sick people. An insane person kills and the call goes out to take guns away from hunters and sportsmen. A human fetus can be used for medical research, but it's wrong to use an animal".

We have freedom of speech, but only if'n we are being politically correct. Parenting has been replaced with Ritialin and video games. The land of opportunity is now the land of handouts".

"Well", Bill Jones sez, "What about that Warren Buffet feller. He has forcefully placed himself into the U.S. political debates by allow'n President Obama to use the billionaires anecdote that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary. It is used as an excuse to show his favor of raising taxes on millions of other Americans".

"His statement has been proven false. CEO's don't typically pay lower rates than middle-class secretaries. The vast majority of those earning more than $1 million per year pay tax rates two or three times higher than people making less than $100,000".

"Mr. Buffet could clear the air", Bill sez, "By lett'n us all in on his secrets of tax avoidance by releasing his tax returns. Millions of Americans would love to see the details".

"Because of separate corporate and personal income taxes Mr. Buffet and other demagogues and misguided folks have a field day claim'n that the rich are not pay'n their fair share".

"Mr. Buffet claims he only paid $6.9 million in taxes last year. He owns 30% of Berkshire Hathaway which paid $5.6 billion in corporate income taxes. If'n Berkshire Hathaway were a subchapter S corporation and exempt from corporate income taxes, Mr. Buffet's personal tax bill would have been 231 times higher, at $1.6 billion. He uses this as a tax loophole".

Tess McGee reminded the boys that figures don't lie, but liars figure. With that she proclaimed, "Shame on you Mr. Buffet for participant'n in the scam of try'n to take money from those who work hard for it and give'n it to those who don't want to work"!

Luella sez, "The intrinsic value of Berkshires stock is estimated at around $130,000 to $150,000 per share, at least 20% higher than the closing price on Monday, September 26. That's quite a discount to discount to fair value".

"But it is supposed, Mr. Fair tax man" is not above tak'n advantage of his shareholders and hide'n the taxes on the profits in the lower rates of the corporate income tax".

As fer me and Mrs. Bruke, we just sat back and listened to the boys and Fess along with Luella, argue what seemed an awful lot like, "Politics".

We has always held firmly to the policy of not discuss'n, very deeply, politics or religion. In the meantime we both agreed to ponder on them thoughts a spell. Have a good and safe week come'n up.

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Barnyard Bruke