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Treasures Of Music In The Heartland

Dessa Rodeffer, The Quill

The opportunity to share an evening with a wonderful family of musicians and sing along with them is yours this weekend as Rob Hall of Raritan joins forces with nine brothers and sisters and family members to play and sing for all who care to venture over Big River Bridge to see them.

Rob is one of eleven children of the late Tom and Evelyn Hull who grew up in Iowa.

His dad grew up in Kahoka, MO and later tuned and repaired pianos and pump organs. His mother took care of the home and busy family.

Music just flowed in this Christian family's home and on the request of their mother, on her death bed in May of 2008, the children agreed to come together and perform for others.

"If you want to honor me," she said, "Take the gift your dad passed on to you and share it, and bless others."

"It's always fun," Rob said.

"We all look forward to doing this."

The Halls play all kind's of music and have sing-a-longs for an evening of "free" wholesome fun.

Music will include Christmas, traditional and gospel, familiar songs, some they have written.

They range from age 4 to 68.

The first year in 2008, they had 56 family members on stage. This year, 24 will be playing.

Most of the family is local , two sisters are from Florida, one from Minneapolis, and one from Wisconsin.

This year they've hired a professionals for sound and recording.

The family has been making music for years and their concerts have received an overwhelming response by the community. Over 250 attended the first concert at the West Hill Methodist Church in Burlington, IA and the group had to move to a larger venue, thus the West Avenue Baptist Church at 2500 West Ave., Burlington, IA.

Come Saturday at 7 p.m., it will feature 3 generations of this large and loving family in a wide-variety of song styles.

It's a fun and inspirational way to start your holiday season on the right note with your loved ones!