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Insurance Takes the Cake

Spooks, Boos, and Mazes

Make 4th Haunt, Scary Fun


The 4th annual La Harpe Haunted House started off not faring so well this year, but ended up, being a great success, according to Christy Kienast and Tina Lionberger. The women are leaders of Girl Scout Troops #5051 and #5049 and organize the event assisted by their husbands.

With the ups and downs of finding a location, the Haunted House crew got a yes from the owner of the old Dollar General building one afternoon and in 24 hours was told no, they were going to winterize the building instead.

Then another building was found and the owner said, "yes," and the insurance company said, "no."

So, just when they had lost hope, the owner of their final location, Dave Mershon, said they could use his building.

After it was all set up and ready to go, 3 days before opening night they received a call from the Department of Labor in Springfield.

To run a Haunted House, they were told, you must have a permit and a million dollar insurance policy!

Although the group had carried insurance before, they were unaware of the dollar amount they were suppose to have.

They were told, if they didn't have that in place by Saturday night, they could not open.

After making a few phone calls, they got their required inspection through the La Harpe Fire Department.

They also got their permit and secured their million dollar insurance policy costing them $650.00.

After all the grief they went through this year, the Haunted House was a success. with great help from Hometown Insurance, the La Harpe City Council, and the actors, Hancock County Sheriff Scott Bentzinger, La Harpe Police Chief Justin Livingston, friends, Marques and Ashley Derby, Chris Voyles, Willo Carpenter, Abby and Caleb Streicher, Laura Claassen, Jamal Finley, Bonnie Bentzinger, Colton Ragain, Hailey Holt, Carly Roberts and too many more to mention.

Organizers said, "This was the best year for help and everything turned out great!"

Although most of the profit went to the insurance company, it is hoped they will be able to continue this fun tradition next year. Due to the constraints of paying the insurance bill, which the La Harpe City Council donated towards, the crew will not be able to do as many things as they had hoped. But, with the many wonderful events going on in town this year around Halloween, the group is determined to do everything they possibly can to see this fun tradition continue.