The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Take The Quill Along

Two childhood friends reconnect after four decades:

Carol Tatge Gardiner (left), of Bloomington Indiana, took a break from her educational conference held at the Phoenix Convention Center to meet Martha Bock Rinne, of Scottsdale Arizona, for a luncheon date and took "The Quill" along.

Both ladies are 1969 graduates of Stronghurst High School. The two friends fondly reminisced about their childhood and teenage years growing up in Stronghurst. They both concur that growing up in a safe and caring community such as Stronghurst was a rich blessing.

Dr. Gardiner is the daughter of Ralph and Darlene Tatge of Stronghurst. Mrs. Rinne is the daughter of the town's former doctor, Dr. Harold Bock and his wife Ann, formerly of Stronghurst and now deceased.