The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village of Raritan

The Board of the Village of Raritan held their regular monthly meeting April 12, at the Raritan Fire House with trustee Blender, Magee and Anders answering roll call.

Visitor was Robert Schleich. Trustee Blender opened with prayer. A motion was made by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Blender to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Motion carried.

Bills presented and approved for payment were:

Dallas Rural Water $643.83; Waste Management $877.20; Dennis Rankin $154.70; AmerenIP $2,293.06;

Phil Anders $105.00;

\Richard Knapp $471.75;

Jim Blender $1,132.20;

Carla Magee $564.30;

Linda Thompson $470.25;

Earl Waller $188.10;

Phil Anders $564.30;

Dwayne Magee $564.30;

Mike Knapp $94.05;

Gary Powless $206.91;

Sammy Blender $225.72.

Robert Schleich was requesting Waste Management to pick up their garbage from the bank. The clerk, Jim Blender, will contact Dave Schaub about this matter.

A discussion was held about Jeremy Walters property in the village. It was decided to have the village attorney send him a notice to clean up his property.

It was decided by the trustees to have a letter sent to Brian Rodeffer to keep his dog tied up.

A motion was made by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Anders to hire Jay Blender to mow the park again this year. Motion carried.

The Board was adjourned until the May regular meeting.