The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village of Biggsville


The Biggsville Village Board met in regular session in March with Brian Sterett, Village President pro-temp presiding and with the following present: Trustees - Bob Onion, Brian Cochran, Renee Sprock and Gloria Minard; Clerk - Cindy Rhinehart and Visitors -Amanda Cochran. Absent was Trustee - Jenny Hopkins and Treasurer Janet Monville.

After regular business was approved including paying of bills to:

Janet Monville, Cindy Rhinehart.

Brian Sterett, AmerenIllinois

Waste Management, Nancy Sterett, Gibb's Convenience Store Test Inc., Susie Goff, Jeff Lant Public Relations

Brian Sterett reported that the drop off center for recycling of electronics is at the Henderson County Health Department in Gladstone.


Sterett said that the village may get reimbursed for the expenses that occurred for the January/February snow storm from FEMA since the county had been declared a National Disaster.

The culvert at the post office needs to be replaced. It had been hit when snow was being removed after the last snow storm.


Brian Sterett reported that is working on letters for the EPA.

He also said there is an IL EPA Grant that needs to be filled out and sent in to John Rogers and filed before April 30, 2011.

Sewer and Lagoon

Sterett said that Jeff Lant had reported there is a pump at the lift station that needs to be replaced and this is the second time it has ever happened. There is a leak at the small white buildilng and Jeff will fix it if the leak doesn't stop on its own when the weather turns warmer. Lagoon and bubblers are working.

Old Business

Three trustee positions that will need to be filled after the election in April 5, 2011.

New Business

Sterett said he had been approached by Steve Craig about the empty storage shed behind the Senior Housing.

Brian Cochran made a motion and all approved to pursue inquiring about renting the empty storage shed to store equipment out of the weather.

Janet Monville resigned her position as Village Treasurer as of April 1, 2011. She will be moving to Indiana.

The March meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Cindy Rhinehart,
Biggville Village Clerk