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Letter to Editor

Bad Thoughts Can Cause A Bad Heart

Dear Editor:

In a recent article by Barnyard Bruke, an usual but true story was told about a young woman holding onto the back of her head, while seated in her parked car, a concerned man called police and an ambulance, after she told him she had been shot.

Heat caused a Pillsbury biscuit can in the back seat to explode. One hit her head and she held what she "thought" were her brains.

This reminded me of a true story and false thinking, that led to a woman's early demise.

A pastor told me about twin sisters who had cancer treatments for one year after which they were told they were cured. One resumed living as usual.

Her twin believed cancer remained, and one year later, died. An autopsy revealed no cancer cells! She succumbed because of her erroneous thinking.

We are created in the image of God, and our mind is complex and interesting.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist and has studied the brain, over 25 years.

She states that medical research says 87% of illnesses are the result of our thought processes.

What we think affects us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

In her book, "Who Switched Off My Brain?" -she illustrates healthy thoughts by a luscious green tree that releases positive chemicals that enhance the ability to build memories and develops intellect.

Bad thoughts (toxic and negative) can cause damage to the heart making one susceptible to cardio vascular diseases, (as a thorn tree).

This Lenten season would be a good time to invite Jesus to be Lord and Savior, and to help us with our thoughts.


Shirley George