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Home Demolition Improves Lot

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

The two story house on the corner of West Archer Avenue and B Street in La Harpe has been a sore sight to the community the last few years.

The home was ran down and had sat empty for at least two of those years.

Having gone through multiple owners and real estate agents, and an online auction, the home finally got its final owner last year-neighbors next door, Brad and Jeni Richardson.

The house took it's last breath as it was torn down the week of March 7th. The Richardsons hired people from the Amish community who neatly demolished the home and filled in the basement to make it into a nice yard for the owners..

The fire department was called twice on the home due to flare-ups from the fire that was set to help get rid of the debris.

It looks very nice on the corner of West Archer Avenue and B Street, just north of the nursing home on the west side. of the street.

Amish workers take a break.

Home purchased by Brad and Jeni Richardson of La Harpe before they had workers demolish it. - photos by Ryan Kienast, The Quill.