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Oquawka Board Gives Nod Toward Planning A Police Department To Protect Its Residents

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

Monday evening March 7, Oquawka Board member Todd Shinberger was absent along with Oquawka Village Board attorney Mike Neff as Mayor Harold Henshaw and board members Coral Seitz, Jason Howard, and Troy Jern voted to pursue a Police Department for the protection of the Oquawka Village and its residents after a motion was made by Seitz and seconded by Bundy, with Jamie Emery the only "no" vote.

A special Oquawka Public Safety meeting was set to discuss the details of forming the Oquawka Police Department for Wednesday, March 23rd at 7:00 p.m. and a notice given to the Quill to be printed to inform the public of the open meeting.

The Sheriff's Department will offer the Village a police car fully equipped and ready to go for $1.00 that will get them started, but details of how much is the budget, how many and what times will an officer work will need to be discussed.

The Board was happy to hear they were in the second stages for several grants to help with their Schuyler Street enhancement project for new sidewalks, new streets and storm sewer. The USDA Rural Development Grant is for $99,000, a grant through State Senator John Sullivan is for $50,000 and the IKE (FEMA) Grant is for $114,000 plus.

The project which is estimated over $1.5 million is in the second round for the funding after a couple of years in the works.

In other business the board heard from Nancy Bundy about $8,000 fee for updating all the ordinances and having them printed into a booklet in categories which also comes as a CD for easy searching. She will get two bids for the next meeting.

Brad Gotaas who was home with the flu had turned in his street report that included some trash dumping problems which was discussed.

Troy Jern reported that new fire nozzles were needed and he would bring bids next month.

Bill Moody, Zoning Officer reported that Robert C. Lafferty at 111 N. 2nd Street turned in an application and a check for a permit to remove a deck and construct a room 16 x 10' to match his house and deck 16 x 10' with stairs to exit on for about $18,000. There was some question as if he would be building on the levee. Mayor Henshaw was to talk to Lafferty and the check is being held.

Representative came from Illinois County Risk Management Trust for Stanton Insurance to tell of their services and to ask for a share of the village's insurance.

After detailing their offering, Ron James gave a talk on the insurance the village has been carrying for many years with him. His cost was $24,706 for a year..

Troy Jern based on what he said was always the way they did business moved to choose the best offering and go with Stanton Insurance's Illinois Risk Management Trust for liability at $23,476.00 for one year. Coral Seitz seconded and all approved.

Rosalie Melvin came to discuss alley concerns behind the museum and a Memorial Day parade was approved for children requested by the Methodist Church.