The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Consolidated Election April 15th

The upcoming election in Henderson County is Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

The following are the county candidates whose names will be on the ballots.

In Dallas City Ruth A. Higgins is running for mayor; City Commissioners running are Harold E. Northup Jr., Esther Newberry, and Sally Six.

The Village of Biggsville and Gladstone has no one on the ballot.

The Village of Lomax has 3 running for trustees, Ronald Van Niewaal, James Rosenboom, and Gregory A. Webster.

The Village of Media has Debra Gillam and Lonnie Heap running for village trustees.

In Oquawka village trustees on the ballot are Jason Howard, James (Jim) Miller, Mark Fullerton, Shawn Lain, Sandra L. Moody, Ronald K. Bigger, Rick Bundy, Jeff Tee, Michael Shockency and Cory D. Fullerton. Three are to be elected.

Richard C. Knapp is running as president for the Village of Raritan, James A. Blender for Village Clerk and those running for village trustees are Earl E. Waller, Sammy L. Blender and Gary Powless.

In Stronghurst those running for 4-year terms as village trustees are Brendan W. Schaley, Tony R. Anderson, Debra White Hale, Chris McGraw and incumbents Christina K. Cook and Lawrence D. Neff with three to be elected; Roger James Cook and Amanda Kane are running for one position for 2-year terms.

Dallas City has no candidates on the ballot.

David B. Duncan and Gary A. Unsworth are running for the Seaton Park District Commissioners.

Cindy Leake, Brent Sparrow, Dana Tucker, James Robert French and Kristin Kaminski are on the ballot for the Dallas Elementary School District 327 for the Board of School Directors. Four are to be elected.

On the ballot for the La Harpe Community Unit School District #347 Board of Directors are Nathan M. Butler, Pam Campbell, John Scott Wetterling, Chris Haney, Cindy Wear and Willo Carpenter are running for four seats.

In Mercer County School District 404 Marta Tucker, Jessica Sackville, Victor O. Johnson, Barbara Ann Chiles, Greg Beckman, Ryan S. Struble, Bill Smock, Michael Lee Retherford and Joseph Olson are running for the 3 seats on the board of education.

Those running in District #304 United Community School District Board of Education those running for 3 seats are, Kelly Frick, Debbie Meeker-King, Matthew B. Fredrickson, Lisa L. Gavin, Dana L. Poole and Susan K. Frieden.

West Central School District #235 Roberta A. Robbins, Mark E. Torrance, Amy J. John, Dan Bowman, John P. Hennenfent, Bill Allaman, Melissa Wallace, Tammy L. Bundy, Wendell A. Parson and Jodi L. Arnold are all on the ballot for 3 vacant seats on the school board.

There is one vacancy on the Illini West School District #307 for the 4-year term. Those on the ballot are John T. Huston and Michael A. McDowell; Mark Burling is running for a 2-year term from the Carthage Elementary School District #317, Tom Holtsclaw is running for the 4-year term; Janet Vass is running from the Dallas Elementary School District #327 for a 4-year term and Tracey Anders from Illini West High School District #307, La Harpe Elementary is running for a 4-year term.

The Black Hawk College District #503 has David L. Emerick Jr. Ashley A. McCabe, Dorothy W. Beck and Diana K Shreck running for trustees of the community college district for a 6-year term; Mike Boland is running for a 4-year term.

Carl Sandburg Community College District #518 John T. Huston, William C. Robinson and Gayla J. Pacheco are running for 6-year terms.

Joe Mouldon and Lonnie W. Cavett from McDonough County are running for 6-year terms for members of the Regional Board of School Trustees for Hancock and McDonough counties. No candidate is on the ballot for the 4-year term.

G. Charles Pierce and Richard Winbigler from Warren County are running for members of the Regional Board of School Trustees (Henderson, Mercer, and Warren Counties) for 6-year terms and Richard Lutz is running from Henderson County for a 2-year term.

The Seaton Fire Protection District has Ronald L. Gray on the ballot for fire trustee.