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WC CUSD #235 Board of Education

June Meetings

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011 the West Central CUSD #235 Board of Education conducted their regular meeting with Board Vice President Mrs. Brad Arnold calling the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All members except Dr. Lonnie Brent and Mrs. Renee Goff were present at roll call.

Vice President Arnold then led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The board conducted a public hearing for the amended FY11 district budget and no one from the audience or the board offered any public comment.

The following successes were under good news items:

Supt. Grimm informed the board that it was necessary to table action item XI(G) Consider Approval of IDOT request for access to Route 94 across north campus property due to the absence of the available documentation that was requested from IDOT. The board approved the agenda with this change.

Under recognition of audience request for presentation it was noted that Marty Lafary was in attendance to address the board on agenda item XI(J). Consider request to begin a Middle School Softball Program.

The board approved the consent agenda with the exception of item XI(G) as noted above. Items approved under the consent agenda included:

Under financial activity, the board approved the payment of all bills including some additional bills that were presented at the table. Those additional bills that were presented for approval totaled $10,263.24. The board also approved the May activity accounts and the May 2011 treasurer's report. Supt. Grimm informed the board that at this time, the actual revenue and expenditures compared to budget should be at 91.66%. Supt. Grimm indicated to the board that revenue received at the end of May was 86% of budget and expenditures were at 83.05% of budget. It was also pointed out that the State of Illinois owes the district $469,163.81 in money that ISBE has vouchered to the Comptroller's Office but the district has not yet received. Supt. Grimm informed the board that the Governor is planning to eliminate the District's 4th quarter transportation reimbursement for FY11. It was noted that this will amount to approximately a $110,000 reduction in transportation reimbursement for FY11 from the State of Illinois.

The board continued the discussion on a request to begin a middle school softball program that was initially discussed at the June 2, 2011 special board meeting. District resident Marty Lafary addressed the board on this topic and suggested that perhaps now was not the time to be starting a new program. The board also heard a few comments from current WCHS softball coach John Morrison regarding the proposal. The board reviewed a report from district athletic director Roger Kerfoot on some of the information that he had been asked to gather on this topic by the board. It was suggested that perhaps the community could come forward and work with Coach Morrison to find a different alternative to allowing our middle school aged girls to participate in organized softball rather than the school funding the program at this time. After this discussion, a motion was made to not start a middle school softball program. This motion was approved.

The board briefly discussed five quotes that had been received for work that would be paid for from the health life safety fund. Supt Grimm reviewed with the board each of these proposed projects. The board then approved the following quotes and were informed these projects will be completed if the life safety amendment authorizing these projects is approved by ISBE. The projects that were approved and the amounts of each projects are as follows:

The board approved two health life safety amendments for the projects listed above. The amendment to retrofit the lighting fixtures in the West Central bus garage totaled $3,840 and the amendment to complete the replacement of the boiler tubes, additional door work and two circulating pumps totaled $50,400.

The board authorized five additional maintenance projects to be paid for out of the operation and maintenance fund. These five projects and their amounts for each project are as follows:

The board discussed a request to allow WCHS students to audit vocal and instrumental music classes. This was a proposal that came forward from the district music instructors. Essentially this will allow students to work independently with our vocal and instrumental music teachers in order to be able to participate in IHSA vocal and instrumental music contests. This may also allow additional students to participate in band performances as they will be able to work independently with the instructors. It was noted that there is no cost associated with this proposal. Students who choose this option will not receive credit for this course nor will they receive a grade. Following this discussion, the board approved this request as presented.

The board heard a report from Mr. Bradburn on the activities that have taken place at WCHS since the May board meeting. Mr. Grimm briefly highlighted a couple of items from Mr. Buss and Mr. Nichols' written reports in their absence.

The board heard a report from District Curriculum Director Jeanne Serven highlighting her activities since the last board meeting. It was noted that this will be Mrs. Serven's last board meeting as the district's curriculum director as she is retiring at the end of June 2011.

The board discussed the procedure for posting vacancies that are currently being followed by the district. Supt. Grimm reviewed with the board the procedures that are followed when a vacancy occurs for any district position. After a brief discussion, it was suggested that it would be good to have these procedures that are in place formalized in writing so that if anyone wishes to see those procedures they would be able to do so. Supt. Grimm agreed to reduce those procedures to writing and to share those with the board at a later board meeting.

The board briefly discussed issues related to communicating with the public. It was suggested by Board Member Robbins that the district could do some things to improve their communication with the district stakeholders.

As a result of this discussion, it was agreed that the approved minutes of the previous month's meeting will be sent to the local papers with a request to print the official board minutes.

It was also agreed that a link will be added to the district's website which will allow district stakeholders to see the board meeting summary that Supt. Grimm prepares after each meeting. It was also decided that we should continue sending this summary to the local papers. We will also let the public know that they can get an advanced copy of the agenda on the Friday prior to the regular scheduled board meeting which is typically held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. It was agreed that this topic and the procedure for posting vacancies would be re-visited by the board in September after the board policy committee has an opportunity to discuss these items as part of policy revision discussions.

The board briefly discussed the high school sound system and some of the difficulties that have been encountered during some of our public events. After a very brief discussion, it was decided to refer this particular topic back to the board's building and grounds committee for further review.

The board heard a brief update on the status of summer work that is ongoing in the district. First, Supt. Grimm complimented the maintenance and custodial staff for the work that they have accomplished to date. Supt. Grimm then reviewed with the board the status of several projects that had been approved by the board in December and the board was updated on the progress of the circle drive replacement project at the south campus.

The board agreed to sponsor a luncheon for staff on Monday, August 15, 2011 as they have done in the past.

There were no future agenda items other than those noted above.

The board adjourned to closed session at 8:58 to discuss matters pertaining to personnel.

The board exited closed session at 9:58 p.m. and took the following action:

The board was reminded that the next scheduled meeting of the West Central CUSD#235 board of education will be on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 beginning at 7 p.m. in the elementary cafeteria. The board has previously agreed to not have a July board meeting. Supt Grimm informed the board that he anticipated asking for a special board meeting on Tuesday, August 2, 2011. The primary purpose of the special meeting will be to deal with items related to personnel (employment), approval of bids and approval of tentative FY12 district budget.

There being no other business to come before the board, the board adjourned their meeting at 10:02 p.m.