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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "The Greed of Use'n "Debt Crisis" for Special Interests is Simply Wrong!"

Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois.

The weather is a give'n us plenty to talk about without cutt'n up our neighbors.

Some neighborhoods to our south received 12 inches of rain whilst our area in these parts received less than 1 inch. All of this is a keep'n the lower end of the Mississippi River flooded and affect'n river transportation. Hence, markets are negatively impacted.

Sunday night steam boat days in Burlington, Iowa had a "Grand Finale" of fireworks display mark'n the end of that event for this year. It also ushered in a spectacular thunderstorm later on that even'n. Powerful winds mashed down corn in some areas, especially west of Roseville.

Monday morn'in another "thunder boomer" rolled through this region and dumped a load of water on those flat fields west of Burlington, Iowa. Everything appeared under water and the cricks flowed over their banks.

I see the state legislators are try'n to allow schools to raise their drivers education fees from $50 to $250. Of course, those who get free lunches will be charged no Drivers Ed fee, if'n the law is passed.

Consequently, those who pay are enabled to pay for those who will not pay and ultimately use their lunch money and Drivers Ed money for junk food, cell phones, and other luxuries.

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is redefine'n interpretations of motor carrier safety regulations. There new interpretations impact farm truck'n.

These interpretations are: apply'n truck regulations to implements of husbandry; for-hire designation for farmers with crop share leases; and interstate vs. intrastate definitions that apply to haul'n of farm products within a states boundaries.

If'n you care about these new interpretations you now have the opportunity to comment to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is your chance to make your voice heard.

Elections have consequences. Our citizens in Illinois have elected repeatedly "Tax and Spend" legislators. It is now time to pay up and no rock will be left unturned look'n for tax revenue to lower past deficit spend'n.

Grain farmers are in the sights of senators like Republican Senators-Inhofe, Coburn, McCain, and Democrat Fienstien. McCain is a loser if'n their ever was one and his goals appear to be to see how many he can drag down with him to the pits of his thimble-minded ideas.

Fienstien, from California, never should have been taken seriously in any matter and yet the "Fat Cat" Republicans are will'n to use her for their special interests.

Inhofe and Coburn from Oklahoma represent "big oil" in a red state where they are politically invulnerable. Not even the Tea Party could touch them.

Inhofe decries our dependence on foreign oil point'n to the turmoil in the Middle East, yet he tried to get a bill passed last year that would allow states to opt out of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for ethanol.

Coburn amended a bill that would immediately repeal the blenders credit. This would add 5 cents to 10 cents to gasoline prices. It is also estimated Ethanol has reduced gasoline prices 89 cents. In affect Coburn is churn'n for fuel tax increases for all drivers in a time of economic down turn and job loss for our American citizens.

Coburn seems to be say'n "why waste a good crisis," mean'n the deficit crisis. He uses that crisis to try and protect his big oil interests.

Hog and beef lobbyists openly argue for cheap corn to enable corporate livestock operations to take more money from our rural communities. They argue for a "level play'n field", all the while push'n for the deck to be stacked in their favor.

Greed is an important component for many today. Follow the dollar and you will easily see why many are argue'n against the grain farmer today. They want the profit the grain farmer and their rural communities are now receive'n.

Well, as for me and the boys we are a see'n through those "Republican Antics" from the red states. Chances are, after western and eastern politicians have destroyed our rural economic prosperity in the Midwest, we'll be mighty particular about our vote in the future. To use this deficit spend'n crisis for the benefit of their special interests is simply "wrong".

Keep on Smile'n
Catch ya Later
Barnyard Bruke