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Greetings to everyone in Western Illinois. Frequent rains are make'n farm work very difficult. Those who make hay are afraid to cut it for fear of rain spoilage. Spray'n chemicals in a timely fashion is difficult at best. Rapid corn growth is out pace'n opportune time for not only spray'n but sidedress'n nitrogen as well.

This years grow'n season is shape'n up to be'n a lot like last years so far. If'n it continues and crop yields are off accordingly, one might expect further good prices.

President Obama is call'n on Income caps on farm payments, limit'n those subsidies to what he calls a "genuine family farm".

One has to wonder about the proper definition of a genuine family farm. Will family be defined by marriage, sexual orientation, number of children and/or animals, size of operation, religious discipline, or political preference. One wishes him well on properly define'n "genuine", "family", and "farm".

The paradox of define'n "genuine family farmers" by politicians and bureaucrats reminds me of something one should dwell on for a bit. In actuality there are too many "Republican" senators. In actuality there are too many "Democratic" senators. In reality there are not enough U.S. senators!

Think on that for a spell and see if'n you catch the point.

Last weeks column covered "More taxes and Regulations appear to be come'n our way". The boys have utilized a great deal of rainy weather time look'n into the situation.

Here's what they reported: Mike Plumer is honest and legitimate. His intentions are good and his work helps the producer.

Mike Plumer is coordinator for the Illinois Council of Best Management Practices and a conservation Ag consultant.

Corn needs .9 lbs actual nitrogen to produce a bushel of corn. Estimate the bushels per acre you ground is capable of produce'n and divide by .9 nitrogen requirement per bushel. For example 200 bpa yield divided by .9 = 222.2 pounds nitrogen needed. 220 bpa yield divided by .9 = 244.4 pounds nitrogen per acre needed.

Nitrogen can come from fertilizer application or organic matter decomposition. Our prairie soils have naturally about 30,000 lbs. organic matter per acre. Each year we loose from various reasons about 40 lbs. organic matter per acre which is sustainable.

Soybeans from the previous grow'n year add nitrogen, some of which is not totally available for two years.

Apply'n less than required nitrogen for corn production can indicate "mine'n" of the soil organic matter nitrogen.

Phosphorous problems in the stream belong mostly to waste water and sewage treatment plants. Actually about 30% can be credited to farm production and 70% to urban waste water and sewage treatment into the waterway.

Nitrogen run off combined with Phosphorous is left to encourage growth in the Gulf which creates an enlarged dead zone.

The funding for FREC currently comes from a 25 cents per ton check off on fertilizer sold in the state, not 12.5 cents reported in the farm magazine article.

Senate bill 2010 affect'n this tax was killed for now, along with other farm legislation, because Illinois Speaker of the House Mike Madigan, Majority leader wanted to punish Farm Bureau and others for not allow'n taxes on farm inputs to be implemented.

There is talk of silage and big round bales for livestock need'n containment areas due to nitrogen leaching. Livestock folk should have fun with that one!

The next thing the boys reported is that they found Mark David, a biogeochemist with the University of Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences to be quite radical in his antagonistic approach to farm'n. Even that remark, they said, is be'n overly generous to that environmental extremist!

The boys wondered why fund'n to the U. of I. shouldn't be cut off until they learn to rein their extremists in. His vendetta against production should not be tolerated.

There is an agenda to take these good times away from Rural communities. Will those folk be successful in their efforts. Thru administrative regulations rather than circumvent'n legislative process such as the EPA and the DNR promotes? Will we lose our prosperity through passive submission to power grabbers? I'll be "jiggered" if'n me and the boys is a give'n in to them "young whipper snappers that easily"! Them "Buggers" is too radical.

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